Cops Move father, accused of female gang-rape in UP from Delhi hospital

Delhi Police and the woman’s family were involved in a stand outside Safdarjung Hospital

new Delhi:

The father and brother of a 20-year-old woman who was gang-raped and tortured two weeks ago in Hathras, Uttar Pradesh, have been taken into custody by police – in a police vehicle, a black Scorpio with UP plates – to protest outside He died later this morning in a Delhi hospital.

They had demanded the location of her body and pleaded for justice for her daughter and sister. Eventually he assured that they would be ready to leave once his body was handed over.

Police, however, have not revealed the location of the body. According to news agency PTI, the body is being transported to Hathras.

Earlier, outside audiences at the hospital gathered hundreds around Scorpio and exchanged warmly between some protesters and police. The family then claimed that they were being forced to return to Hathras while the authorities secretly attempted to remove the dead body.

The police forcefully placed the father in the car, but his brother refused and continued his protest. Visuals later showed that the father also drove the car out.

Police also said that the protesters were not following the Kovid epidemic and social discrimination rules during some if any of them were wearing face masks. Police also said that families of other patients had expressed concern over the possibility of the virus spreading among them.

The hospital scenes showed a lot of confusion and uproar, making it difficult to identify the protesters among the crowd and how they may or may not behave.


Hathras: All four attackers of the woman’s village, upper caste men are in jail

In comparison to the 2012 Nirbhaya gang rape, the woman suffered multiple fractures, paralysis and deep injury to her tongue in the barbaric attack.

The news of his death triggered protests, with Chandrashekhar Azad’s Bhim Army blocking the streets for 10-15 minutes as protesters chanted “Hang rapists”. .

All the four attackers of the woman’s village, upper caste men are in jail. He will now also be charged with murder.

The woman was attacked on September 14 at her village in Hathras, about 200 km from Delhi.

She said in her statement that she was dragged from her dupatta into the fields, where she was mowing the grass with her mother and brother.


Members of Chandrashekhar Azad’s Bhima Army protested outside the hospital today

When the family searched, they found him naked and blood-soaked in the fields, with horrific injuries.

One of the woman’s brothers told NDTV, “They raped her. The police did not initially help us … They did not take prompt action. They took action only after four-five days.”

The UP police is investigating the entire case over alleged lapses. They initially registered a case of murder, but only after the woman’s formal statement added rape charges.

He has denied the family’s charge of slow response.

Hathras Police Chief Vikrant Veer NDTV said, “This is a very unfortunate incident but we have been active in making arrests and helping the family. Whatever will be possible. I will personally check fast and on these people The trial will be tried in a fast track court. ” on Sunday.

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