Coordinator of the Lions special teams after the rogues walked away on allegedly fake punt calls vs. Titans

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The Detroit Lions lost their second game in a row on Sunday as they fell to the Tennessee Titans by a score of 46-25. While the team has already partnered with head coach Matt Patricia, another coach found himself in the chopping block this week Lions fired Coordinator of special teams Breydon Combes on Monday. While this was a somewhat surprising decision, as there was no clear and obvious reason why Detroit now felt the need to move beyond Combo, a report published Monday morning shed some light on the situation.

according to this Detroit news, A source on the team said that “organizational frustration” had been going on with Coombs for some time, “with a belief the coordinator was focused on self-enrichment.” The final straw was reportedly, when he called a quarter of fake fake punts without consulting other members of the coaching staff. Apparently, not all Lions players were even aware of the call, and the play ended up in the first place.

Watch the play, here:

The Lions were down 14 points in the fourth quarter, when Coombs tried to get himself some momentum for his team, but it just ended up giving the Titans great field status and an easy chance of a 21 point lead. .

Coombs is the son of Ohio State defensive coordinator Kerry Coombs, who served as the defensive backs coach for the Titans last year. The younger Coombs was in his first season as the special teams coordinator for the Lions, and began his coaching career with the Cincinnati Bengals – which he put under house arrest in 2009. Coombs then did his job to coach assistant and assistant special teams. Making a move to Detroit.

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