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Conyers mentioned the case of Chandra Levy when the inmate rejected the sexual advance: report

A former congressional scholar says she was also the victim of inappropriate sexual contact by now retired Rep. John Conyers, claiming that Conyers even once claimed to have "insider information" about missing federal intern Chandra Levy.

Courtney Morse, 36, described the 16-year-old incident in The Washington Post. She said that Conyers, D-Mich., Mentioned Levy's case when Morse was an intern from the university for him and the congressman took her home one night.

Morse said Conyers wrapped his hand with hers while on his lap and said he was interested in a sexual relationship, the newspaper reported.

Levy disappeared in 2001. A police investigation revealed he was having an affair with he was married to California Democratic congressman Gary Condit.

"[Conyers] said he had insider information about the case, I do not know if he meant it was threatening, but I took it that way," Morse told the Post. "I got out of the car and ran."

Morse said that nothing inappropriate happened during the first months of her internship and that she accepted Conyers' offer for a paid summer internship. Then he started giving her gifts and asked her to have dinner with him, and then he offered to take her home, and she accepted. Morse left his boarding school soon after the incident and returned to Ohio.

Levy's remains were found about a year later in a park. The member of MS-13, Ingmar Guandique, was found guilty of murder, but the case was effectively abandoned because of the testimony of a troubled witness and Guandique was deported. Condit lost reelection in 2002 amid speculation about his role, but his lawyer later described the Guandique verdict as a vindication for his client.

  May 28, 2002: Photographs of Chandra Levy are displayed while the musicians stand guard at the Levy memorial service at the Modesto Center Plaza in Modesto, California. More than nine years after the inmate's disappearance from Washington, DC became a mystery that caught national attention, the homicide trial returns after a six-day hiatus.

A former scholar allegedly says ex-Rep. John Conyers took out the case of Chandra Levy, whose images are shown here, with her.


Conyers, 88, decides to retire on Tuesday, two weeks after the first allegations of sexual harassment arose and after returning last week to his Detroit-area district to talk about his political future with family and advisors.

The BuzzFeed news website reported the first allegation: the Conyers office paid a woman more than $ 27,000 under a confidentiality agreement to resolve a 2015 complaint that was dismissed from her staff in Washington because she rejected his advances sexual

The House Ethics Committee announced the following day that it had begun an investigation into Conyers, after receiving allegations of sexual harassment and age discrimination involving staff members and about the use of "official resources for personal purposes" inadmissible "

It is reported that the committee will continue the investigation, despite the resignation of Conyers.

Since then, additional allegations of inappropriate behavior have been filed.

Elise Grubbs, cousin of another accuser, Marion Brown, earlier this week alleged that Conyers more than a decade ago slipped her hand down her skirt and rubbed her thighs as they sat side by side in the church.

Grubbs said in an affidavit made public before Conyers quit that he worked for the congressman from 2001 until approximately 2013. He also said that he saw Conyers touch and caress the legs and buttocks of Brown and other employees on "multiple occasions." " [19659004] The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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