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Controversy of the pay gap of Matt Smith’s reaction to the crown

  NEW YORK, NY - December 4: Claire Foy and Matt Smith attend the screening of & # 39; The Crown & # 39; at 92nd Street and December 4, 2017 in New York City. (Photo by Daniel Zuchnik / Getty Images)

When it was revealed that The Crown & # 39; s Claire Foy, despite being the protagonist of the series, she had been paid less than her co-star Matt Smith (supposedly because of his Doctor Who ] fame) it did not take long for the news to go viral. A few days later, a petition was initiated for Smith to donate his salary to Time & # 39; s Up, and the producers behind the acclaimed Netflix real drama issued an apology statement to the actors. Jared Harris, who played King George VI on the show, called the controversy "a shame."

While Foy ended up breaking his silence on the subject, explaining that he was not "surprised" to see that people were interested in the story, Smith kept quiet about the situation for a while. The British star finally decided to speak this weekend, saying The Hollywood Reporter that he fully supports his co-star.

"Claire is one of my best friends, and I think we should pay equally and fairly and there should be equality for everyone," the actor explained. "I fully support it, and I am pleased that it was resolved and they made amends for that because that is what is needed." In the future, I think we should all bear in mind that we must strive to improve it and more playing field to everyone involved, but not only in our industry, in all industries. "

It is not clear what the actor is referring to when he talks about the fact that they have made amends, but we must hope that the same thing does not happen. The Crown & # 39; s the third season.

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