Contestant of & # 39; American Idol & # 39; says that Katy Perry Surprise Kiss was ‘Harmless’: I Was Just Shocked & # 39; (Exclusive)

Benjamin Glaze thinks that American Idol fans are making a bigger deal with his surprise kiss than Katy Perry.

The 20-year-old contestant made headlines for the first time after Perry electrocuted him with a kiss (the first) during his audition at the premiere of the season. Then, in an interview with The New York Times Glaze said that the kiss made him "immediately feel uncomfortable" and that he wished he had saved him for their first relationship.

However, in an interview with ET on Thursday, Glaze called the kiss "inoffensive", insisting that he is grateful for the publicity that the moment has brought him to his career, since he did not end up receiving that golden ticket for Hollywood.

"Honestly, it was in the entertainment world, it was just fun and games," he explained. "I do not think it meant any harm, because I think Katy Perry is smart enough not to do something that is going to have a big factor, if I had any malicious intent, I would not have done something like that."

"Obviously he's received a lot of publicity, and I'm more grateful for that than not," Glaze continued, noting that he thinks he, Perry and American Idol all the producers thought it was okay in the air. "Then it went to the public and, suddenly, the audience thinks it's a big problem."

Glaze remembered the kiss, in which Perry asked her to kiss him on the cheek before turning his head to kiss him on the lips. He said that his reaction, in which he fell backward, was a genuine surprise reaction. "I was surprised," he said.

"Before that, I had never kissed a girl, so I have nothing to compare, to be honest," Glaze continued, guessing he would rate the kiss. in a "seven". "It seemed like he knew what he was doing."

"After the audition, I went to the confessional they do after, and [another contestant] asked me," Are you the guy who kissed Katy Perry? "I said," Yes, but I did not get a golden ticket, and he said, "Well, take mine." I'd rather kiss Katy Perry than get a golden ticket! "shared Glaze. "I think that, in general, it was a much better experience to have that kind of publicity than having obtained the golden ticket."

"It ended better than I could have planned, I'm not upset about that, in fact I'm grateful I did not say something stupid," he added. "I would have come back and I would have done it the same way if I had known that she was looking for that."

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The contestant of & # 39; American Idol & # 39; Benjamin Glaze says that Katy Perry's surprise kiss made him uncomfortable right away & # 39;

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