Contender Series – Four finishes, four contracts in Week 8

UFC middleweight champion Israel Adesania spoke to his city kickboxing teammate Carlos Ulberg throughout the week, ahead of Ulberg’s appearance in the Dan White Contender series.

It turns out, Shampoo was not lying about his friend’s ability.

Ulberg (3–0) joined Adesanya among the UFC ranks on Wednesday, as he won the UFC contract by defeating Bruno Oliveira (8–2) at the UFC’s Apex facility in Las Vegas. Ulberg was one of four athletes to sign with the promotion, as UFC President Dana White gave each winner a contract on a four-fighting card.

White said, “Tonight you say no-brainer.” ”

Even on a high-quality Contender series card from Auckland, New Zealand, Ulberg stood out. A former rugby prospect-turn-kickboxer-driven MMA fighter, Ulberg cooled Oliveira with a left hook at the 2:02 mark of the opening round. He caught Oliveira with a counter left hook when he came in, then doubled to the punch for a knockout. Ulberg’s second left hook dropped Oliveira to the floor.

“This kid is 2-0 and fights a man who was 8-1 tonight,” White said Ullberg, a 29-year-old light heavyweight. “He has a ton of kickboxing experience and easily defeats a man who has six knockouts and a submission. And you’re marketing him? He’s a good-looking kid.”

In addition to Ulberg, who were corbinated by Edberg on Wednesday, the UFC signed Chile welterweight Ignacio Bahamondes, American featherweight Luis Saldana and American heavyweight Jared Vandera.

The Bahamonds (11–3) edged out Edal Gomez with a viral-esque front kick to the face at 2:31 of the second round. Gomez, who lost weight for the welterweight bout, showed the heart to lose a ton, but he was clearly out of his league against the 23-year-old striker. White finished, saying, “There’s no way in hell that isn’t [No. 1 play] Tomorrow on Sportsketter. “

Saldana (14-6) finished the front kick against Vince Murdock of Team Alpha Male in the 44-second mark of the third round. 29-year-old Saldana looked great in the first and second rounds, but went on a mission in the third, stunning Murdock with a jaw and then kicking him in the face from the front. Referee Herb Dean gave Murdock time to recover, but Saldana hit the ground a few moments later.

And in the heavyweight division, Wandera (11-4) won the first-round TKO against lay-replacement rival Harry Hunsuker. Hunsooker went for quick knockouts and had some success with the left hook, but the 28-year-old Wandarera forecast a brief, early storm, taking down Hunsooker and quickly ending him with strikes along the fence. .

Wednesday’s episode Season 2 was the first in Danna White’s Contender Series since Week 8 with a 100% finish rate. This episode was season 4, week 8.


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