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Consumer Reports will re-test the Tesla Model 3 brakes after correcting the software

  Tesla Model 3
Tesla Model 3.

Bryan Logan / Business Insider

Consumer Reports says it would retest the braking distance of the Tesla Model 3 if Tesla can solve the problem through a software update. after the publication got bad results from a test car that caught the attention of CEO Elon Musk.

One of their tests showed that Model 3 took 152 feet to reach a full stop of 60 mph. That test contributed to Consumer Reports' decision not to recommend the car.

That stopping distance of 152 feet is much longer than the average of other vehicles in the segment, and worse than that of a Ford F-150 truck. As an example, one of the 2018 Ford F-150 testers of Motor Trend, which has a curb weight of almost 5,300 pounds, managed to stop at 60 mph in just 119 feet.

The worst result achieved by Motor Trend was 129 feet, which was still four feet better than Tesla's average stopping distance of Model 3 of 133 feet, a result that a Tesla representative shared with Business Insider on Tuesday.

Tesla is investigating it, and Musk suggested that the poor braking result published by Consumer Reports could have come from an early iteration of Model 3, Tesla's first mass-market electric car. According to Musk, a solution could be as simple as a firmware update.

"If Tesla can update the air brakes, a first in the industry, we would be happy to try our Model 3 again," Consumer Reports automotive testing director Jake Fisher told Reuters.

GlobalData Retail researcher Neil Saunders told the news service that Tesla's faithful would probably ignore the bad review, but said that "it could generate doubts among the most causal buyer."

Tesla shares fell a little over 3% on Tuesday's news.

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