Consumer Reports tops iPhone 12 Pro Max as one of ‘best smartphones of 2021’

Consumer Reports has released its breakdown of what it calls the “best smartphones of 2021”. This list breaks down the best smartphones of the year and surprisingly the post ranks the iPhone 12 Pro Max as the “best iPhone” to buy.

What is surprising about Consumer Reports The iPhone 12 Pro Max recommendation is that the publication rarely endorses Apple’s high-end iPhone for the masses. The iPhone 12 Pro Max is priced at $ 1,099, making it noticeably more expensive than the $ 829 iPhone 12.

Consumer Reports says the iPhone 12 Pro Max does enough to justify that higher price, though he notes that the iPhone 12 Pro is a great option too:

While the 12 Pro Max will cost you $ 100 more than its little brother, the 12 Pro, it includes several more hours of battery life, a slightly larger screen, and a 2.5x zoom camera that brings it a little closer. to action. than the 2x camera of the 12 Pro.

On the other hand, the Max version is significantly heavier and can be difficult to use with one hand, even for people with long fingers. If you’re wary of bulky phones, you might be happier with the 12 Pro.

But what is also interesting is that when you look at the Consumer Reports In the smartphone rankings, the iPhone 11 Pro Max ranks above the iPhone 12 Pro, with scores of 85 and 84, respectively. The iPhone 12 mini has a score of 79, while the iPhone 12 has an overall score of 78.

The story is similar on the Android side, where Consumer Reports recommends the high-end Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G. The best “budget phone,” according to the publication, is the $ 300 OnePlus Nord N10 5G.

You can find the full details here.

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