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Conservatives in the House of Representatives call for a difficult border law to be voted on to avoid closure

House Freedom Caucus members on the far right are making a last-minute offer to get a floor vote on a conservative immigration law in exchange for their support of a short-term spending bill, while Republican leaders struggle to obtain Republican votes for their proposal to avoid a government shutdown on Friday.

Although the Republican leaders seemed pretty sure on Wednesday morning that they would have enough Republican support to pass the ongoing resolution (RC), they have little room for error, as the Democrats are pledging to oppose any bill that does not include relief for immigrants who came to the United States illegally when they were children.

Speaker Paul Ryan Paul Davis RyanGOP directs funding for child health in a plan to avoid closure Legislators see The probabilities of closure are resolved Fix what we have and make Medicare this year MORE [19659005] (R-Wis.) And his top lieutenants are threading a very thin needle while trying to support them. ng frustrated defense hawks and conservatives for the fourth temporary funding patch since September.

And the House Freedom Caucus, a band of roughly 30 hard-line conservatives, has enough members to defeat the legislation if they join. The leadership can only afford to lose 21 Republican votes, according to the Whip Majority office.

"As of now they do not have the votes," Rep. Mark Meadows Mark Randall Meadows Caucus liberty plaintiff: Republican Party leaders do not have votes to avoid closure Republican leaders prepare funds for the children's health The plan to prevent closure House to consider another short-term bill MORE (RN.C), the group's president, insisted to journalists when he entered a meeting at the Capitol with White House Chief of Staff John Kelly John Francis Kellymore on Wednesday.

"There is strong support for the House to vote on immigration, and the Goodlatte-Labrador law has the greatest support within the caucus," Meadows said later. Hill, referring to a measure drafted by the chairman of the Judiciary Committee Bob Goodlatte Robert (Bob) William Goodlatte President of the Freedom Caucus: Republican leaders do not have votes to avoid closure Sessions: We should be like Canada & # 39; in the way that accepting immigrant Republican leaders launched chil The leader of the Republicans in planning to avoid closing MORE (R-Va) and Raul Labrador (R-Idaho.)

Republican leaders launched on Tuesday at night a new strategy to avoid a closure that implies passing a provisional bill to finance the government until February 16. The CR would be combined with a six-year extension of funds for the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) and would delay three ObamaCare taxes in an attempt to attract more conservative support. [19659002] The measure would not include a solution to the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, as the Democrats have been demanding.

Trump rescinded the Obama era program last year and gave Congress until March 5 to present a legal solution, but bipartisan negotiations over a DACA agreement have stalled after reports of derogatory comments President Trump on "fucking countries."

That means Ryan will need to depend on the Republican votes for the RC, with read Wednesday afternoon and the vote on foot on Thursday.

Rep. Patrick McHenry (RN.C.), the main whip attached, was full of confidence when he left a Republican meeting in the basement of the Capitol on Tuesday night, while many base members also described the attitude as generally positive towards the spending plan. .

The White House expressed support for the CR on Wednesday, which could help influence some undecided voters.

"I can not swear, but the tone sounds pretty good," said Rep. Bill Flores William (Bill) Hose FloresCongress must represent rural America by improving broadband connectivity GOP could clear the financing of the fight to January Trump calls for welfare reform while bringing together Republicans for the fiscal vote MORE (R-Texas). [19659002] Reps. Mark Walker (RN.C.), chairman of the Republican Studies Committee, estimated after Wednesday's voting series that the scourge count for the short-term funding bill is "somewhere between 210 and 215 ", which would make it narrow vote.

Media leadership has to win over some members of the Freedom Caucus, who held their own closed-door meeting on Tuesday night in which several lawmakers expressed concern about the funding patch and the broader immigration negotiations on Capitol Hill.

The group did not take a formal position on CR, which requires 80 percent caucus consensus.

But those who "do not bow down" or "undecided" about the measure of short-term spending are pushing the leadership to bring the Goodlatte immigration bill to the floor of the House to ensure its support for the RC.

"First of all, I'd like the immigration bill passed," Rep. Scott Perry Scott Gordon PerryLawmakers urges Tillerson to declassify Qatar's counterterrorism agreement The Republican legislator accuses The CNN anchor to compensate for the severity of the Puerto Rico crisis House rejects the amendment to remove the climate study from the MÁS defense bill, he told reporters on Wednesday. "We should put a mark on that."

"It's a minimum standard, that's No. 1," he added.

The legislation, which has attracted support from both the conservative and moderate wings of the Republican conference and has received the approval of the chairmen of key committees, includes more conservative immigration priorities than is expected from any bipartisan agreement on DACA.

In addition to providing DACA recipients with temporary and renewable legal status, the bill would authorize $ 30 billion to build a border wall, the migration of the final chain and the diversity visa lottery program, order the use of "E-Verify" to ensure that employers only hire legal workers, allow the Department of Justice to withhold subsidies from the so-called sanctuary cities and increase criminal penalties for deported offenders who return illegally to the US UU

"We do not want to get filmed by the Senate about DACA and the budget," said Liberty Caucus Representative Dave Brat (R-Va).

Chairman of the National Security Committee Michael McCaul Michael Thomas McCaulBipartis A group to present the DACA project in the House Despite the amnesty, the DACA project favors US employees. The Democrats fear that "Stephen Miller ambush" immigration. More (R-Texas), another main sponsor of the Goodlatte project. Your immigration bill could help you gain more support for CR.

"That would certainly help, in terms of winning votes in the RC," McCaul said.

But the leadership, although it supports Goodlatte's approach, has very resisted calls to put the bill on the ground. It is unclear if the legislation could pass the House, and even if it does, it is likely to be dead upon reaching the Senate. There is also concern that the vote may muddle the delicate high-level negotiations on a bipartisan DACA agreement.

"We are working on the Goodlatte bill," said Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy Kevin Owen McCarthyMcCarthy: There is no deadline for DACA & # 39; Hoyer suggests that Dems will not support spending without DACA. The Hill & # 39; s 12:30 Report MORE (R-Calif.), When The Hill pressed him on whether the leadership has vowed to vote in plenary yet.

Some members of the Freedom Caucus are also pressuring leaders to fund the Pentagon at higher levels for the remainder of the 2018 fiscal year and pass a short-term RC for the rest of the government, a sentiment shared by some falcons of the defense, but a demand that did not get anywhere during the last debate on a CR.

Both representatives Bradley Byrne (R-Ala.) And Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.), Two members of the House Armed Services Committee, said on Tuesday night that they can vote against the RC because It harms military readiness and puts American Troops at risk.

If some members of the Freedom Caucus join with enough defensive hawks, they could annihilate the Republican leadership's strategy to prevent the government from closing, although it is not clear if there are enough willing to do so.

. Carlos Curbelo Carlos Luis CurbeloMcCarthy: & # 39; No deadline on DACA & # 39; Bipartisan group to introduce the DACA bill in House Republican Representative Mia Love calls Trump & # 39; s-hole & # 39; racist comment: "I can not defend the indefensible" MORE (R-Fla.) has also threatened to vote against the RC without a DACA agreement instead, while Rep. ] Thomas Massie Thomas Harold MassieHouse approves an account with concealed firearm GOP could deduct funds fight for January McConnell PAC demands that Moore return his money. MORE (R-Ky.) Is a perennial vote of "no" to short-term funding bills.

Meadows reiterated that he wants more than just guarantees that House legislators will vote on a coercive enforcement DACA package, similar to the Goodlatte bill.

It is not clear if the leadership will fall before the demands of the Caucus of Freedom. But many Republicans believe that the majority of the Republican conference will end up reluctantly supporting the CR because it is better than the alternative, which would be to close the government or cede leverage to the minority leader of the House Nancy Pelosi Nancy Patricia D & # 39; Alesandro Pelosi Democrats seek the 51st Net Neutrality Vote Hoyer suggests that Dems will not support the expense of a project without DACA. Trump's first year in office was the year of the woman MORE (D-Calif.).

and Rep. Gerry Connolly Gerald (Gerry) Edward ConnollyDemocrats applauds the end of the Democratic electoral fraud commission: the commission of fraudulent election fraud received a horrible death. It deserved 8.8 million people enrolled in ObamaCare, almost equaling last year MORE (D-Va.), Which represents a large swath of the federal workforce, told WJLA that it would ultimately support the CR if was the decisive vote to keep the government open.

"We're going to build support, and we'll do it, and we'll always get there," Rep. Frank Lucas Frank Dean LucasHouse committee passes two EPA EPA No. 2 House Dem bills in a bipartisan zone Legislators call for Ex-Im renewal at the bank's annual Washington conference MÁS ( R-Okla.), Republican whip team member, told reporters Wednesday morning. "Sometimes, some of my friends want to make it more exciting than it should be."

Scott Wong and Mike Lillis contributed. This story was updated at 3:35 p.m.

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