Conservative conspirators Jacob Wohl and Jack Berkman charged in voter suppression investigation

Conservative conspirators Jacob Wohl and Jack Berkman were accused of coordinating the robbery to suppress voters in the upcoming general election on Thursday.

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel announced the charges, including conspiring to intimidate voters and violate election law. Nessel said the two specifically targeted minority voters to discourage them from voting. Voters reportedly told voters that voter information would be collected in a database to track old police warrants and outstanding credit card debt, according to a news report. The release.

“We all are well aware that every day millions of nuisances flooding our cell phones and landlines are frustrating, but this particular message gives serious consequences for our democracy and the principles on which it was built , “Release on Thursday. “Michigan voters are entitled to a full, free and fair election in November and my office will not hesitate to pursue those who endanger it.”