Conservative columnist George Will says he is voting for Biden –

Conservative columnist George Will says he is voting for Biden

Conservative Washington Post columnist George Will confirmed on Tuesday that he would vote for the former Vice President Joe BidenCongress has scheduled to demonstrate on the Coronav relief law: Joe BidenBiden vows to fight back against foreign intervention efforts if elected on funds. Unemployed claims raise stakes in fight over COVID-19 aid | The S&P 500 erased 2020 losses Biden initially vowed to overturn Trump’s travel ban on majority Muslim countries, His first vote for Democrat for President.

In an interview with Susan Page, head of the USA Today Washington bureau for the Aspen Institute, Will exceeded his 2016 non-endorsement President TrumpDonald John TrumpdHS has expanded personnel authority to collect information about people threatening memorials: GOP signs Trump’s payroll-tax cuts in Republican coronovirus bill – for now Trump has Portland has threatened to double in other major cities. And said he would vote for the peninsular Democratic candidate, Biden. Warned against Trump’s nomination in 2016 but stopped supporting his Democratic opponent, Hillary ClintonHillary Diane Rodham Clintonbiden left while swinging, while Trump turned right Clinton, Biden Hill’s morning report to attend the premiere of MSNBC’s Joy Reid Show on Monday – submitted by Facebook – Trump, GOP senator next stimulus bill Over odds, At that time.

“Who do you plan to vote for in November?” Page asked the columnist via a zoom.

“Biden,” would be answered immediately.

“Have you voted for a Democrat before?” He continued.

“Never,” will be said, “I am nothing against the Democrats. But I never had the opportunity to vote for one.”

Although the Washington Post columnist never supported the Democrats for the presidency, his decision to support Biden is not surprising; In 2018, Will came out in favor of electors who exclude Republican lawmakers in the House and Senate, calling the GOP to “drastically reduce” the number of elected officials.

“Principle: The Republican Republican Caucus of Congress must be substantially reduced. So that their remains, reduced to minorities, will be stripped of the Article I powers of the Constitution to use against the current fielder of Article II powers Has been disqualified for, “Will wrote for The Post in June 2018. “He will have leisure time to find out why he worked so hard to gain membership in a legislature whose fuzzy muscles have tortured because of people like him.”

“The Republican-controlled Congress, which waited for Trump to be undone by a unilateral decree that they could actually be prevented by the legislature, is an advertisement for the importance of Republican control,” he added at the time.

Will has opposed Trump since the beginning of his later political career and warned in 2015 that Trump could provoke the GOP’s doom by securing the Republican nomination.

“One hundred and four years of history are in limbo. If Trump is the Republican nominee in 2016, there may not be a conservative party in 2020,” he said at the time.