Conservative activist Lauren Witz wins the GOP Senate primary in Delaware

Lauren Witzke, a conservative activist who is dogged by allegations that she supports a just-right conspiracy theory, won the GOP Senate primary in Delaware on Tuesday, pitting her for a tough fight against Sen. . Chris constPolling among Delaware’s primary GOP senators, Christopher (Chris) Andrew Conjoy and Jill Biden, said coronoviruses die after the election. (D) In ​​November.

A political newcomer, Witz defeated lawyer James DeMartino in Tuesday’s contest by a margin of about 14 points. The victory upset Demartino, who was supportive of the establishment of Republicans in the race.

Witz cast himself as a staunch conservative and loyal supporter President TrumpDonald John Trumpdemocrats, the ruling Russian Jets on the Trump campaign identified in the Trump campaign advocating for the right to vote on Florida, called for support for troops to get COVID-19 vaccine for Democratic Senate candidate ‘hesitant’ from this year more, On her campaign website she is saying “unapologetically, America first.”

But he also had to back down from accusations that he is a supporter of the QAnon conspiracy theory Tweeting one of its slogans And wearing a QAnon shirt. The baseless theory suggests that Trump is working with the military to break a cabal of bureaucrats who run a child sex trafficking ring.

Earlier this year, Witz distanced himself from the theory, “I definitely think it’s more publicity than substance.”

Republicans have already had to answer for GOP candidates in other races who have supported the conspiracy theory, namely Marjorie Taylor Green, a candidate in the deep-red Georgia House district who is guaranteed to join Congress next term.

Witz will face a tough climb in the race against the Cots, who won the primary on Tuesday. Kons has served in the Senate since 2010 and comfortably won about 14 points in 2014. The Not Political Report, a nonpartisan electoral handicapper, views the Senate race as “solid” democratic.