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Conor McGregor arrested, charged with assault and criminal mischief after smashing the UFC event

Conor McGregor responded to UFC President Dana White's decision to strip him of his lightweight belt in a typically unobtrusive manner: by tweeting an unprintable insult, by crashing a press event prior to the fight , throwing a barricade and provoking a scene of general chaos that left at least one wounded fighter and the organizers stunned. For his problem, McGregor landed on some.

McGregor became a policeman and was arrested and charged with three counts of assault and one count of criminal conduct after his role in Thursday's fight that left UFC fighter Michael Chiesa in hospital with a facial laceration, Reuters informed.

A police spokesman told the news service that McGregor would remain in custody until a court hearing on Friday morning.

White told multiple outlets after the episode on Thursday in the afternoon in Brooklyn that an order for the arrest of McGregor was given.

White also said that Chiesa, who was scheduled to fight on Saturday's card, received a cut in the face and was in the hospital, and that Artem Lobov, a McGregor an ally that was apparently part of the incident, it would be removed from the card.

Indeed, it was not clear whether the incident on Thursday was caused by White stripping McGregor from his belt, or by previous bad feelings between McGregor's camp and Khabib Nurmagomedov, scheduled to fight for McGregor's belt at the event main Saturday. Nurmagomedov was filmed in a confrontation with Lobov, McGregor's ally, earlier this week.

On Thursday, McGregor and his entourage approached a large vehicle full of wrestlers leaving the Barclays Center in Brooklyn after the press event, according to Ariel Helwani of MMA Fighting and published videos of the incident. "Chairs were thrown out of the window of the van and a passenger of the truck was injured," reported Helwani, in an apparent reference to Chiesa.

The videos published on social networks show a chaotic scene, with at least one handrail thrown and general disorder. (A more complete video of the bus incident is here, contains explicit language)

"Conor went to the banana and hit the van we were in," Chiesa's trainer, Rick Little, told MMAjunkie. "A million security guards had to stop him, Mike is cut now, he has marks on him, sure, I do not think it's too serious, it all happened so fast, it was as if we had jumped."

Little told the site that his fighter had been cut by broken glass. And some members of the media in the arena reported that the target of McGrergor's wrath was apparently Nurmagomedov, who seemed to believe that was the case.

"I laugh inside," the Russian told Helwani. "Did you break the window? Why? Come in. If you're a real gangster, why do not you come in? This is a great history gangster place, Brooklyn, you want to talk to me? Send me the location I'm coming. there's a problem. "

White, meanwhile, called the incident the most despicable thing in UFC history, according to Okamoto of ESPN .

"Do you want to grab 30 [expletive] friends and come here and do what you did today?" White said in a video posted by Okamoto . "It's disgusting, and I do not think anyone is going to be a big fan of Conor McGregor after this, I do not know if he's drugged or what's his problem, but come and do this and act like that?"

Later, on Thursday night, the UFC issued a statement about the incident:

on Thursday afternoon, after UFC 223 media day at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, an incident at the facility wounded two athletes in the Saturday's card, which forced them to withdraw from the event.

Lightweight Michael Chiesa, who received several facial cuts, was deemed unfit to fight for the New York State Athletic Commission and the UFC medical team, and was removed from his fight against Anthony Pettis.

Flyweight Ray Borg, who was scheduled to face Brandon Moreno, was deemed unfit to fight due to multiple abrasions.

The featherweight bout between Artem Lobov and Alex Caceres was also removed from the card due to Lobov's involvement in the incident.

UFC 223 will proceed as scheduled with 10 fights.

White anger against long-standing UFC McGonaire onelook seemed genuine, but others quickly pointed out that a McGregor-Nurmagomedov fight could be more lucrative after Thursday's drama. Daniel Cormier, one of the stars of the sport, tweeted that McGregor should be stopped and escorted to the arena on Saturday "to make him fight against Khabib … That's the real punishment!"

White had announced this week there would be no "interim champion" after the scheduled lightweight main event on Saturday between Max Holloway and Nurmagomedov.

"When this fight is over, champion," White said at a news conference, pointing to Nurmagomedov and Holloway. "One of these guys will be the champion."

McGregor, the previous permanent holder of that title, did not take this news well.

"You're not going to strip me of anything," he tweeted [

McGregor won the lightweight title by defeating Eddie Alvarez at UFC 205 in a November 2016 bout, but moved away from the octagon to train for last year's lucrative boxing match against Floyd Mayweather. Ferguson stepped in to win an interim lightweight belt in McGregor's absence, but White said Saturday's bout between Nurmagomedov and Holloway will decide a new official champion.

"Tony Ferguson is not being stripped, the only person here that is losing a belt is Conor, Conor is losing the belt, these two are fighting for the belt," White said at the press conference.

"The provisional belt he had, those two [Nurmagomedov and Ferguson] were supposed to fight, does not happen, one of these guys will be the champion, Tony is still the number one contender."

White insisted that McGregor "will be back this year, 100 percent," adding, "We'll see how this develops [with the lightweight title] and we'll go from there."

White then reiterated that stance on Fox Sports' "UFC Tonight," saying : "Conor wants to fight." Conor and I have been talking a lot. Conor wants to come back, he wants to fight, so he will fight this year. "

White did not end his surprise announcements on Wednesday, claiming in" UFC Tonight "that former UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar will also return to the octagon despite from his previous problems with the failed drug tests.

"The return of Brock Lesnar," White said. "I do not know when, but yes, it is."

Lesnar has not fought for White's company since infamous UFC 200 in July 2016, when he defeated Mark Hunt, but then failed a couple of drug tests, prompting a lawsuit from Hunt.Micregor was supposed to have headed that letter, in a rematch with Nate Diaz, but White He stopped the fight after the Irishman refused to interrupt training for some promotional appearances.

A former UFC heavyweight champion and a big box-office raffle, Lesnar had retired from MMA in 2011 and has been a star wrestling c WWE After retiring from MMA again in February 2017, just weeks after receiving year-long bans from the US Anti-Doping Agency. UU As of the Nevada State Athletic Commission, Lesnar would allegedly have to meet the rest of his suspensions before being authorized to compete again. UFC.

The contract between Lesnar and the 40-year WWE expires soon after Sunday's WrestleMania 34, in which he will face Roman Reigns, and his recent flirtations with White have been seen by some as simple attempts to gain influence with the professional wrestling company. According to the well-known MMA journalist Helwani however, there is an "agreement" with the UFC and both parties only need to "finalize" it.

With the departure of Ronda Rousey, Jones' inability to stay clean and the long absence of McGregor, the UFC has lacked star power for the last year and a half, although the expected return of Georges St-Pierre has helped . The possible yields of McGregor, especially if you can compare St-Pierre, and Lesnar could be exactly what the doctor ordered for White and Co., but MMA fans will be forgiven for preferring to believe it when they see it [19659039] Read more from The Post:

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