Connor McGregor – ‘The war is not over’ with Khabib Narmmagomedov

Conor McGregor still has the mind of Khabib Nurmagomedov, although he acknowledges that the likelihood of this happening is greatly reduced.

The former UFC double champion said at a UFC 257 news conference Thursday that he considered a great deal of unfinished business between him and Nurmagomedov. But if Nurmagomedov wants to retire, McGregor said he has no choice but to move on.

Koramgomedov’s father and head coach, Abdulmanap, died last summer due to complications of COVID-19. The current UFC lightweight champion, Nurmagomedov, announced his retirement in October at UFC 254 following a title defense over Justin Getheje. He is mostly stuck in that position, ever since he retired in the interview, although he has left a small window open for his return.

“It’s a tough business,” McGregor said. “Things have gone into his personal life. I don’t want to harm him. Like I said, it was in 2018. A lot of time has passed. The world knows this battle is not over. This war is not over. Is. The game needs to do this; people need to do it. I’m not going to chase it if it doesn’t want to. And that’s it. I keep my cool and move on. And that’s what I I’m doing. I’m back here in the 155-pound division. I’ll show the world what’s over time. “

In October 2018, Urm 229 defeated McGregor via a fourth round bout at UFC 229. The battle leading up to it was ugly, with McGregor arresting McGregor for plunging Dolly through the bus window in search of Narmgomedov slapping teammate Artem Lobov. . After Nurmagomedov’s win over McGregor, he exited the Octagon and had a blaze with McGregor’s team. Inside the cage, McGregor was attacked by Nurmagomedov training partners. Several suspensions were handed down by the Nevada State Athletic Commission.

McGregor and Nurmagomedov are in the same hotel in Abu Dhabi this week. McGregor battled Dustin Poirier on Saturday in the main event of UFC 257. Nurmagomedov is in town to work at the corner of his cousin Omar, who won the UFC Fight Night card on Wednesday. The two have not faced each other, and the UFC is aware of the security threat.

McGregor said, “What I will say is, as long as we fight again, there will be no problem.” “That’s it. If he continues to run away, I’m not sure. We’ll see what happens.”

Nurmagomedov remains the UFC lightweight champion, but McGregor does not think it will last long.

“I’ll make the case, if that guy is dodging it and dodging the commitment to compete again, the title should be relinquished and [Poirier and I] “A title should get tangled up in a fight,” McGregor said. But I’m sure it will happen after this bout. I am keen to hear excuses or what will be said after the fight. But I predict a title strip. “


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