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Congress: before the polls, Rahul Gandhi calls directly to the workers of the posts to boost morale

New Delhi: Challenging the conventional tactics of boosting party morale, the president of Congress, Rahul Gandhi, has started a new grassroots exercise to involve the workers of the positions in the states with elections. From Gandhi's phone calls seeking worker views on specific state issues to video messages about politically important events, the president of Congress directly relates to workers to give them a sense of belonging and to save votes in states where lost a lot in the elections of the previous assembly.

The experiment has begun in Rajasthan, which will face elections in November.

When Gandhi picked up the phone and called Gatui at random in the quiet village of Mudasail de Ghatol, the 34-year-old party worker thought it was a fake call. But the caller was deeply interested in knowing the problems of his electorate and how the party was going and what should be done.

Later that same day, the president of the Sachin Pilot state unit spoke with her and it was then that she really believed that the president of the Congress had called her. Like Gatui, there were others like Jameel in the village of Bhaunri in the segment of the Kaman Assembly and Ajaypal in the reserved Anupgarh constituency that received such calls.

This is a new form of direct commitment that Gandhi is trying. The workers are chosen at random. Piloto said: "The workers are enthusiastic beyond imagination, this is the first time they have ever spoken with the president of Congress." The measure follows a state-level initiative of the newly created Congress Data Analysis Department to connect party workers.

Praveen Chakravarty, who heads the department, said: "The worker needed to send a text message with his electoral identification card number to register in Congress We have a database of at least five workers in each of them. the 45,000 stands in Rajasthan. "This digital database is the backbone of the initiative. When the workers registered in the Congress, they received a video message from Gandhi welcoming them.

This was followed by tailored video messages for young people, women and farmers personally driven by Gandhi. For Pilot, this boost to data is a great encouragement in a state in which Congress suffered a humiliating defeat in 2013 when it was reduced to 21 seats in the 200-member Assembly. "It's a scientifically-directed system that helps us as the president of Congress gets directly involved and talks about the party's narrative," Pilot said.

After Rajasthan, Praveen Chakravarty has initiated a similar exercise in Chhattisgarh, governed by BJP, where Congress has been out of power for 15 years. In the 2013 elections, there was less than a percentage difference in the percentage of votes of the BJP and the Congress. The party plans to take the initiative across the country before the 2019 elections.


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