Confidence among MPs remains low at all times after capital riots

Hefti fined for using the use of masks and metal detectors to enter the chamber of the house. Resolution of sensor. And a call for an investigation into whether some MPs assisted the rebels.

Confidence between the two parties has reached an all-time low – and is raising questions about how much work they can possibly do together on anything as the new session of Congress begins when some lawmakers turn around each other Don’t even feel safe.

Last week’s attack by a violent mob caused a lot of physical damage to the Capitol President TrumpMoving forward for the book of impeachment against Donald TrumpX-Trump’s lawyer Cohen, Murkowski says that it would be ‘appropriate’ to stop Trump from assuming office again as the man is known as ‘Qion mitigation’. Has since been repaired: the remains of tear gas and garbage in the hall of the hall have gone, and new glass panes were installed in the entrance to the speaker’s lobby where a rioter was badly shot.

But emotional trauma is still dull, with daily reminders of how much things have changed just a week ago.

The Capitol complex now resembles a police state with thousands of heavily armed National Guard troops.

“How can I feel comfortable thinking that someone with whom I am in the committee room, or who is from that nature, or can help create an insurance plan in the United States Capitol? How can i do that? I mean, how could someone do that? Asked the Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the House Gregory MeeksGregory Weldon reaches an all-time low among Mextrust lawmakers when lawmakers push back on late Trump terror designation for Yemen’s House of Houthis after Capitol riots Foreign Affairs Committee Democrats support Trump more (DN.Y.).

Tensions rose again this week when several GOP lawmakers refused to comply with new security measures for the House chamber Nancy PelosiNancy Pelosi wants to freeze Trump. The $ 4 billion event was on the DC Day of the Capital Riot in the final week of President Dozens on the FBI’s terrorist watchlist. (D-California.) To enforce those extraordinary rules that would impose thousands of dollars in fines against those who did not comply.

Following last week’s attack on the Capitol, some lawmakers were shaken up, worried by colleagues who might carry guns – a devil, Rep. Madison Cowthorne (NC), confirmed this week that he was armed during the riots. Another first Republican, Rep. Lauren Boebert (Colo.), Has been adamant about wanting to carry her gun on the Capitol grounds.

Lawmakers may keep guns in their offices but are barred from taking them to the floor of the House.

Then there are concerns that some Republicans may have helped provoke the mob with Trump to try to prevent Congress from President-elect Joe BidenJoe Bidenkonfirmation hearing for Biden’s DNI pick postponed Biden’s Sunday inauguration due to security concerns: reports Murkowski says it would be ‘appropriate’ to stop Trump from getting caught again.Electoral college victory.

Cawthorn encouraged supporters to “lightly threaten” their representatives; Rape Moe brooksMorris (Mo) Jackson Brooksbadeen’s new challenge: Trump supporters defend Trump’s remarks at the rally after Moe Brooks’ ‘vicious and scary’ attacks House leader of GOP tells members to stop rioting, spreading lies (Ala.) Declared that “To-day American patriots have started taking names and kicking ass”; Rape Paul gosarPaul Anthony Goserhouse conspiring to oust Liz Cheney Democrats for conservative conspiracy to impose fines on masked MPs on home floor, Gosar’s siblings push to expel him from Congress after Capitol riot (Eries) called Biden “illegitimate usurer”; Rape Louis gohmattLuis (Lui) Buller Gohmerthai Trump may face criminal charges for inciting violence and rebellion. The Supreme Court will not swiftly review Trump election lawsuits to impose fines on masked lawmakers on the Democrats’ House floor. (Texas) stated that “you’ve got to take to the streets and be as violent as Antifa and BLM”; And Boebert and Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green (Ga.) Referred to January 6 as the “1776 moment”.

Dozens of Democrats asked the Capitol’s security officials to investigate what they termed “suspicious behavior and access given to visitors” the day before the attack, which they were all the more unusual because of the epidemic since last March Tours are suspended.

There is no evidence that any member of Congress intentionally supported the rebels.

But many Democrats are demanding formal sanctions against Brooks and Gohmert through censure proposals.

Some argue that the sensor is not enough.

“The fact is, members of the United States Congress within the Republican Caucus are dangerous to our country and their allies,” Progressive First-Term Rep. Mondair Jones (DN.Y.) said.

“The sensor is a slap on the wrist. These people are required to be expelled from the United States Congress and prosecuted criminal. “

Many Republicans – accustomed to sidelining security because of their legislator’s position – this week pasted newly installed metal detectors outside the doors of the House chamber. Rape Steve womackStephen (Steve) Alan WomackPelosi said lawmakers would be fined 1,000 if they bypass metal detectors to House floor Corey Bush lawmakers, who refused to pass metal detectors outside the House Chamber, House Republicans , Tensions rose between metal detectors on the Capitol Police. (R-Ark.) Shouted at the Capitol Police that “you are creating a problem that you don’t understand the effect of,” while Rep. Chip RoyCharles (Chip) Eugene Roygope Senators Blame Trump after Inciting Crowd: Capitol Cotton: Capitol Violence on Capitol Protesters Must Combine ‘Full Power of Law’ With GOP Lawyer: ‘Crowd Demand’ Me ‘ Won’t be more ‘more (R-Texas) called the measure “unconstitutional” and vowed not to comply with it.

Rape Rodney DavisRodney Lee Daviescory Bush surrounded lawmakers who refused to pass through a metal detector outside the House Chamber. Tensions erupted between metal detectors on the House Republican, Capitol Police. The US Chamber of Commerce was stopped after the capital riots to stop supporting some lawmakers. (Ill.), The top Republican on the House Administration Committee argued that magnetometers outside the chamber were unnecessary and suggested they were politically motivated.

“The known threats are outside the Capitol, and should be seen as a pure political move by the Speaker. After speaking several times with the leadership of the Capitol Police and dozens of rank and file officers since 6 January, we need to focus on ensuring a safe opening day and a peaceful transfer of power. Davis said in a statement to The Hill, “By the end, I will help them accomplish this goal, which will help them to accomplish it without being politically distracted.”

Democrats were already furious that several House Republicans had flouted the rules since the summer, while hundreds of MPs crowded together in safe space last week as law enforcement tasked with evacuating the rioters’ capitol. At least three Democrats who were in the room tested positive for COVID-19.

House Democrats adopted the new rules on Tuesday, a $ 2,500 fine for a double offense for not paying a $ 500 fine on any jurist who does not wear masks on the floor. And the next day, Pelosi announced that from next week, refusing to enter the House Chamber via metal detectors would result in a fine of $ 5,000 for the first offense and $ 10,000 for the second.

More than two dozen Democrats, led by Reps. Jared HuffmanJared William HuffmanTrust Capital Reaches All-Time Low Among Lawmakers OVERNIGHT ENERGY: Capital in Chaos | Trump’s Arctic Asylum Drilling Sales Earns Just Part of GOP Prediction EPA Found Fuel Efficiency Dropped, Pollution for 2019 Vehicles Increased Trump’s Arctic Asylum Drilling Rights Sales Excerpts from GOP Prediction (California.) More Kathleen RiceKathleen Maurya reaches all-time low after Capitol riots among racetrack lawmakers Trump’s Georgia call triggers debate on criminal penalties Georgia district attorney says she will ‘enforce the law without fear or favor’ after Trump’s call (NY), metal detectors outside the House Room want to become a permanent fixture.

In a letter to Pelosi and the top committee leaders, “We are concerned that on Wednesday more members will take the violence as an invitation to bring it back to the floor.”


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