‘Conan’ to end on TBS, Conan O’Brien sets weekly HBO Max Variety Show – Deadline

Conan O’Brien is running out of the night games and swaps his daily show for a weekly variety series on HBO Max.

The move means O’Brien will now face a late-night talk show for the first time in 28 years.

Conan, Which has aired on TBS since 2010, will end its tenth season in June 2021. He has aired more than 1,400 episodes of the show, which commenced after a bitter farewell from the comedian The Tonight Show.

“In 1993 Johnny Carson gave me the best advice of my career: ‘Get to a streaming platform as soon as possible.’ I am thrilled that I want to continue whatever hell I have on HBO Max, and I look forward to a free membership, ”O’Brien joked.

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The move comes after Jeff Ross, who produces Conan and has worked with the former Simpsons writer for several years, told Deadline that the pair were contemplating their future.

Ross told Deadline that he believes the late-night shows are now “dinosaurs in the business” and said they wanted to do something different as per the deal. “TBS and these linear cable networks, in particular, are similar to death. You know that there is no trend, so you cannot do it forever. And [Conan] Ready for a change. We have done a lot between podcasts and shows and the digital business. ”

Conan, which was re-tooled in 2019 in a half-hour format, previously refurbished by 2022.

Team Coco, which will produce the new HBO Max weekly show, is already in business with the streamer, featuring four-stand up comedians including Chris Red and Moses Storm.

“28 years is a monumental achievement in late-night television,” said Brett Weitz, general manager of TNT, TBS and TruTV. We are proud of the work that Conan and his team have done over the course of 10 years at TBS and we are very happy that we will continue to make an appearance with ‘Conan Without Borders’. We celebrate his success and it is a pleasure to watch it grow in our WarnerMedia family. “

“Conan’s unique brand, energetic, trustworthy and, at times, absurd, comedy mesmerized late-night audiences for nearly three decades. We can’t wait to see how he and the rest of Team Coco will dream of a new, different type of format for this brand every week. ” Casey Blois, Chief Content Officer, HBO and HBO Max.

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