Completely goodbye to Iván Sánchez: this is how Ana Brenda Contreras showed herself with her new love

Ana Brenda Contreras and her new love (IG: anabreco)
Ana Brenda Contreras and her new love (IG: anabreco)

The actress Ana Brenda Contreras made it clear that Iván Sánchez “The Galician” It is a total issue of the past in terms of love, because in a recent publication on Instagram, she was seen in love with another man.

“Happy birthday to the king, to the one with the kindest heart and eternal smile. The one who takes care of us all, the one who gives me perspective and levels me. But above all, it always brings out a smile (or laugh) I love you, my rock Happy birthday “, wrote the actress to accompany a romantic image in which she was seen sitting on the legs of her new love, while the two looked at the smiling horizon.

The actress enraptured a user named Zacharias Melhem, with whom he had already been related in a loving way for months.

Ana Brenda raved about a user named Zacarías Melhem
Ana Brenda raved about a user named Zacarías Melhem

Since the end of 2018 it was known that Ana Brenda Contreras and Iván Sánchez no longer had a love relationship, but there was talk of the possibility of a reconciliation, because from her statements it seemed that they were not on bad terms, but it was the distance and their work schedules the ones that separated them.

But nevertheless, already in January 2020 the magazine TV Notes linked Ana Brenda with Melhem.

According to that post, Ana Brenda had started an affair with the businessman, who – apparently – is the brother of the actress’ best friend.

According to this information, the actress has known Zacarías for years and even lived with his wife, who died more than a year ago.

Apparently, since September 2019 Ana Brenda has begun to bond with the businessman in a romantic way, although they preferred to keep it as private as possible.

Ana Brenda had preferred to keep her romance private (IG: anabreco)
Ana Brenda had preferred to keep her romance private (IG: anabreco)

With the recent publication on Instagram, Ana Brenda would have left behind any speculation about her love life.

And it is that the issue barely regained strength a few weeks ago when Iván Sánchez was seen enjoying a summer ride on a yacht with the actress Camila Sodi.

Magazine Hi! He obtained the images of the couple on their holidays in Ibiza and Formentera and assured that it was the surprise romance of the summer.

The matter immediately brought to mind Ana Brenda, with whom Iván had a courtship between 2016 and 2018. Said relationship began under some controversy, as they were captured during a passionate vacation when he was still married to Elia Galera, the mother of his two daughters. . Shortly after the dissemination of those images it was learned of the divorce of the “Galician”.

Iván Sánchez and Ana Brenda Contreras (IG: ivansanchezz)
Iván Sánchez and Ana Brenda Contreras (IG: ivansanchezz)

So the photos with Sodi of course attracted attention and in fact, Ana Brenda herself was asked what she thought during an interview with the program Wake up America.

The actress was asked if seeing Iván Sánchez with Sodi affected her, to which she replied: “No, I mean, it doesn’t affect me, but it makes me nervous to be asked on a program, because anyone who asks questions about an ex, which obviously has already happened, is kind of uncomfortable … “.

Without losing her composure, Ana Brenda responded kindly, making it clear that she wishes the best for the man who was her boyfriend.

“I believe that everyone has the right to be happy, and moving forward, life is short and that everyone do what they want, and that they be happy, right? How good, each one ”, he added.


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