Complete predictions for Roman Reigns vs. Samoa Joe Feud in WWE Raw



During a tiring and tiring stretch for WWE Raw, Roman Reigns vs. Samoa Joe for the Intercontinental Championship will reinvigorate the brand.

With no pay to see on the list until Royal Rumble on January 28 for Raw and vacations on the way, the WWE marquee show is ready to go neutral. But the collisions between Reigns and The Destroyer promise to be the cornerstone of the red mark, a reason to tune in every week.

Moments after Reigns won a tough victory against Elias in his first IC title defense, he discovered who would hit the next one thanks to an arm slipping around his throat.


. @ SamoaJoe comes out of NOTHING! #RAW @WWERomanReigns

2017-11-28 03:29:38

Joe ambushed The Big Dog in Raw on Monday, strangled him on the entry ramp and put in March a rivalry between two brutal increasing.

What awaits these two enemies? How will your battles affect Raw and WrestleMania? Read on to see Reigns vs. Joe.

Raw centerpiece

As we saw on Monday night with Raw stretching his matches more than usual, the show promises to be lighter in content in the next month or so. That is a normal part of the vacation calendar. There is often a period of inactivity at Christmas.

The power of the brand's star is also missing.

It is unlikely that Brock Lesnar will be around until the construction of Royal Rumble begins. The Miz is releasing a movie as noted by Mike Johnson of PWInsider.


Production is scheduled to begin at @WWEStudios & # 39; # TheMarine6 starring @mikethemiz, @BeckyLynchWWE & @WWE Famer's Hall @ShawnMichaels!

2017-11-22 17:45:05

That means that the fief of the IC title will be an important part of the show, not the intermediate card fare as It would be in other cases. Look for Reigns and Joe in the main event a series of Raws along the way.

The best of the brand

There is a spark inherent in this rivalry.

As soon as it became clear that this was the direction in which WWE was going, the rumor grew within the fan base. Real Sport's Kyle Fowle wrote: "There's no way a fight between Joe and Reigns over the intercontinental championship can go wrong." And Fighter was among those who were very excited about the clashes on their way:

Fightful Wrestling @ FightfulWrestle

Reigns vs. Joe for the IC belt? Manguitame! #RAW

2017-11-28 03:27:29

And this fight will pay off.

Reigns was at his best this year when he collided with Braun Strowman. Joe serves as a similarly powerful enemy with a smashmouth offense. The two have been excellent against each other in the past, too.

They excelled in a Fatal 4-Way at SummerSlam that also included Lesnar and Strowman. They clicked on Fatal 5-Way in Extreme Rules. And now WWE will have the opportunity to fully explore the problems between these two men.

The result will be fantastic.

Street fights await

This is not the kind of rivalry that will see both men participate in a lot of mat fight. Things quickly became personal among them. In addition, Joe's killer style begs Reigns to be more of a fighter.

At least one of its matches will be of the Extreme Rules variety.

The Street Fight stipulation is ideal for this fight with two hoses. There promises to be a separate fight, fights in the stands and intensive use of weapons while everything develops.

  Roman Reigns prepares to lower Samoa Joe with a spear in Extreme Rules.

Roman Reigns prepares to knead Samoa Joe with a spear in Extreme Rules. Credit:

As with the battles of The Big Dog with Strowman, WWE will seek to accentuate the violent nature of their rivalry with hardcore fighting. That will help the audience in a period of inactivity, too.

Precursor of WrestleMania

All signs point to Lesnar vs. Reigns as headliner WrestleMania 34. The last time the intercontinental champion marched to the marquee match of The Show of Shows, however, was when Ultimate Warrior fought Hulk Hogan in 1990.

The sure bet is that Reigns drops the IC crown in front of WrestleMania to release it for someone else. The WWE, however, will want to keep making The Big Dog look unstoppable as it launches into a showdown with the universal champion.

WWE Universe @ WWEUniverse

#TheBigDog @WWERomanReigns is being summoned by @BrockLesnar early … and SMILING on that ?! #SummerSlam # Fatal4Way

2017-8-21 02:38:41

The Miz will be the key to a title change that softens the blow for Reigns.

Once The A-Lister returns, he will surely want an opportunity with the gold he lost. Eventually, he, Joe and Reigns will find themselves in a Triple Threat combat. That will open the door for Joe to take over the title without Reigns suffering a direct loss.

WWE will be able to elevate Joe, crown him on the main roster for the first time and not harm Reigns in the process. The Miz will play the autumn man. Joe will emerge as champion. And Reigns will continue trying to conquer The Beast Incarnate.

That way, Reigns vs. Joe will give Raw something to build before dragging the deck ahead of WrestleMania. Judging by the sparks that these men have created in their previous wars, it will be all the way to reach that point.

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