Compensatory pick potential of the Minnesota Vikings NFL draft in 2022

In recent years, the Vikings have had many compensatory picks to work with in the NFL draft.

In the last draft, the team received three compensatory picks. This year, the team will have two for the next NFL draft. Both times, Minnesota got those picks because of massive outings in free agency the year before.

So what does the Vikings’ compensatory pick situation look like for 2022?

On March 12, Over the Cap called Minnesota’s compensatory draft pick potential “moderate.” Here’s what the outlet had to say about the Vikings:

“The number of UFA pending from the Vikings is low, 11, but they have some quality to work with here. That starts with Anthony Harris, who won’t be tagged again, and his fellow defenders in Eric Wilson and Jaleel Johnson. The question will be whether Minnesota has to postpone signing its own CFAs to avoid canceling any of these possible departures. “

So Minnesota may not be seeing the same compensatory selection payoff that it has had in previous years. We’ve already seen him in free agency since Over the Cap published that article.

Over the Cap has currently projected that the Vikings will not receive compensatory selections. So far, Minnesota has only lost one compensatory free agent (Anthony Harris) and the team has won three (Patrick Peterson, Dalvin Tomlinson and Nick Vigil).

However, there is still some potential for Minnesota, as free agents like Wilson and others have yet to sign. I think Harris’s signing of just $ 5 million hurts the Vikings from a compensatory picks standpoint, but there’s still time for the team to rack up picks by 2022.


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