Compact Google Assistant Sees Comprehensive Beta Rollout on Android

Last July, Google began testing a redesign of the subsidiary partially launched with the Pixel 4. This compact Google Assistant is now showcasing its wide range of features to many Google App beta users – but is still not complete – yet to rollout.

Update 9/10: After disappearing earlier this week, the Compact Assistant is back. It is available again on devices that have lost it, while for users who did not get the new UI last month. This can be a wide rollout.

Update 9/7: In the past few days, the Compact Google Assistant has disappeared for some users. It has run on all devices for me, while it is only available on a phone to a colleague. This suggests that despite widespread availability, the redesign was not considered ready for launch by Google.

Original 8/14: The signature aspect of this new design is its compact size. It starts with a panel that pops up after the assistant is smaller than before, while the UI elements are held closer together. The center tablet that provides access to lens, voice and keyboard entry is unchanged. Shortcuts for Snapshot and Explore are also similar, although today some users are looking for one for “updates”, which provides an introduction to what the assistant can do,

The suggestion chips carousel looks similar, but now there is one for “previous activity”. Appearing on the left, it opens a sheet of recent orders and links to all supporting histories.

The next change is a larger profile avatar in the top-right, while the supporting icon in the second corner is slightly larger.