Comment: Apple is taking its iPhone in the store too far by promoting updates instead of repairs

It's no secret that Apple has been pushing iPhone updates like never before in recent months. Yesterday, however, I visited an Apple store to repair my iPhone XS Max, and I realized that Apple has taken its iPhone update release.

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As everyone who visits an Apple store knows, first you receive a friendly person with an iPad at the entrance of the store. I told the greeter that I had a Genius Bar appointment for my iPhone XS Max and she asked me for a brief description of my problem.

I explained that my device was shutting down randomly and that it would not turn on again for several hours. As soon as I finished the explanation, the greeter said: "Have you considered upgrading to a new iPhone recently?"

I had my iPhone XS Max in my hand, but the employee of the Apple store must have clearly thought it was an iPhone X. I replied saying, "Is there an iPhone newer than the iPhone XS Max?" And she quickly laughed at it. he tried to play outside

A source says 9to5Mac that this is a new policy in all Apple points of sale. Employees are instructed to request an update instead of repairing an existing device. In some stores, the source says, an employee is tasked with launching iPhone updates to Genius Bar customers while waiting for appointments. Other stores have the same geniuses to launch an improvement. Now there are also demonstration units in the support tables in many stores.

Bloomberg He reported something similar earlier this week:

Apple asked retail employees to promote the new iPhones using methods that have not been seen before. Technicians were asked to send iPhone updates to consumers with out-of-warranty devices. The top sales staff had to make sure that other retail workers suggested upgrades, and they erected in tents that offered generous exchange agreements for the iPhone XR.

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Employees of retail stores that "sell" a product are nothing new. However, Apple stores in general have been free of such pushes. The employees are friendly but not overwhelming, and you can usually do what you want without being harbaded. Suggesting an iPhone update instead of a repair is a radical change in this.

If Apple wants to convert its retail stores into similar vending machines to car dealers, that's their prerogative. In my opinion, however, there is a certain line that should not be crossed.

First, throwing iPhone X users to update is presented as a desperate move. The device is only one year old, and many iPhone X users have not had it for more than a year. Trying to get someone who spent $ 1,000 + on their iPhone less than a year ago to spend another $ 1,000 + is a bold move.

In addition, many people fear the task of going to Apple stores and many have to drive several hours to do so. The last thing these people want is for an employee to make an immediate sale instead of helping them repair their existing phone.

Finally, at the iPhone XS event last September, Apple's environmental vice president, Lisa Jackson, took the stage saying that iPhones last longer than ever, promoting sustainability and preventing unnecessary electronic waste. Pressing iPhone users to update rather than repair their existing iPhone is completely against Jackson's tone and makes him question what he said.

The only instance in which launching an update could be fine is if it is an out-of-warranty repair in which it makes more financial sense to update. For example, I've had Geniuses who have suggested this in the past for Mac repairs. However, if someone has AppleCare + or is using a relatively new iPhone, it should not be launched.

Michael Steeber wrote in December that Apple's marketing in the Apple store "clouds Apple's retail message." His new impulse for updates instead of repairs continues to cloud what once made Apple such a pleasant experience.

What you think? Should Apple launch improvements for iPhone instead of repairs? Let us know your thoughts below in the comments.

After I explained, she said "have you considered updating to a new iPhone recently?"

I suppose she thought that the phone in my hand was an iPhone X, not an XS.

But, since when is Apple Store's policy to launch an update to someone to repair an existing iPhone?

– Chance Miller (@ChanceHMiller) February 8, 2019

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