Comment & # 39; SNL & # 39 ;: Is it time to retire Donald Trump from Alec Baldwin?



You would think that a grandiloquent reality show president who never stops creating controversy would be a gold mine with no bottom for Saturday night live – Then why SNLDo Donald Trump's sketches feel so tired and toothless?

The end of last night's season featured another cold open starring Alec Baldwin's President Trump, this time with him singing Queen's "Don & # 39; t Stop Me Now" along with Melania, VP, Mike Pence and eventually Robert Mueller by Robert De Niro. Baldwin's appearances as Trump have been disappointing for some time (the actor himself seems bored with the role that earned him an Emmy), but this may have been a surprisingly unpleasant low point. What exactly is the comic point of President Trump and his friends singing a Queen song together? The live studio audience seemed dazed and barely laughed, and everything felt more mandatory than inspired.

That is really the problem here: SNL He feels compelled to face Trump, but in reality he has nothing funny or insightful to say about him. Baldwin's parody of him has become a predictable problem, and writing never has the courage to really address the serious problems facing his administration and our country. To be frank, the world is on fire right now: Leslie Jones' monologue Weekend Update, criticizing abortion bans in Georgia and Alabama spoke of that with just rage – but when it comes to Trump, SNL he simply stands by to offer jokes about his tweeting habits. He is afraid of alienating anyone at either end of the political spectrum, so it does not satisfy anyone.

I know that Baldwin's Trump, along with Kate McKinnon's Hillary Clinton, attracted great attention and qualifications to SNL during the 2016 campaign, and it is understandable that SNL I would like to continue riding that wave. But that wave is over. It could be the time for SNL Consider allowing a cast member to play Trump: Baldwin's limited availability makes it difficult for them to jump to the latest news, and maybe someone else can give the paper a new twist. (And the sooner you lose the impression of De Niro wood in Mueller, the better, who could imagine that one of our best living actors could be so stiff?)

But in reality, everything boils down to what is written: Yes Saturday night liveThe best idea to parody Donald Trump is to show him singing and dancing in a completely useless sketch, it is better not to have him in the program.

You still enjoy SNLAre you taking Trump or are you ready to vote outside the office? Share your opinion in the comments.

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