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This past weekend was Comic-Con, often the biggest event of the year for pop culture news (especially superhero / sci-fi / fantasy tastes), but the year was a little different. Due to the coronovirus, the actual Comic-Con event in San Diego — where people dress up in costumes, disregard the existence of comic books and the people who make them, and then wait for hours and hours in lines to find Jason Momoa From 50 feet away – was canceled, leaving organizers to install an online replacement called Comic-Con @ Home, which would have the same star-studded panels and announcements but required anyone to get sick Without it.

Certainly, due to the nature of this gripping event, which gathered in just a few months and was conducted entirely online, Comic-Con News (ie Marvel Studios and DC) did not feature some of the biggest names. Were . Was there some Walking Dead material And we saw First two minutes of The new mutants, But the weekend’s biggest superhero news came from some stuff that Jack Snyder said At the Just-Off-Official JusticeCon event. (Warner Bros. will be the official Comic-Con replacement DC Fandom in August).

according to this VarietyThe response to this online version of Comic-Con was a resounding “meh” with social media analytics company ListenFirst, stating that tweets about Comic-Con were down 95 percent from last year, with top TV events around 93 percent and down 99 percent for film events. The panel’s YouTube archives also don’t have a lot of visuals, as well as ListenFirst noted that comments on Comic-Con @ home video were disabled, preventing any of those fan interactions from happening that would normally happen on Comic-Con is. Now, it is completely unfair to judge this Comic-Con against a normal Comic-Con, but this lack of interest in the video game industry compared to E3 is interesting.

E3 was on shabby ground last year, in reference to people caring about it, as no company was prepared to say anything about its new console and Sony dropped the incident altogether. Not with e3 this year, Also video game companies Set up their own online announcement events, And when they Not always been great, They have not been ignored. It could be that fans are used to being able to join Comic-Con so some sort of online approximation is not what they want, whereas until recently E3 was a press-only event so that fans could Could not be present in any way. Who knows. Either way, it’s all expected to be around next year’s Comic-Cons and E3S rolls, so it probably doesn’t matter.


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