Columbus, Ohio, police chief proceeds to terminate an officer, investigating others in the fatal shooting of Andre Hill

47-year-old Andre Maurice Hill was shot and killed by Officer Adam Coe within seconds of his encounter, as Hill looked at Coe while holding a lighted cell phone in his left hand in body camera footage of the show released on Wednesday .

Columbus Police Chief Thomas Quinlan said Thursday that he has filed two departmental charges, including one of significant misconduct allegations against Coe, and an administrative investigation is underway about the announced additional officers.

“Today is Christmas Eve. A time when we should gather together with the people we love,” Quinlan said. “Andre Hill’s family has nothing to celebrate this holiday, no very important person will be with this holiday, or any other. A Columbus police officer is responsible for it. And it broke my heart.”

Quinlan said the discipline or termination of an officer would normally involve a hearing in front of the police chief, but Quine did not obtain any in this instance after reviewing the body camera footage of the shooting.

“I need to see everything, to come to the conclusion that Officer Coe should be eliminated immediately,” Quinlan said.

He said, “Some people may call it a hasty decision. It is not.” “This violation cost an innocent person his life.”

Coe was suspended pending an initial investigation. Koin will be informed of the charges leveled against him today.

As part of the reasoning behind one of the allegations in a memorandum given by CNN-affiliated WBNS, Quinlan to Coy, “Your action was a gross violation of your oath as a Columbus police officer and, at the very least, incompetence. , Gross performance duty neglect, misfitness, malfunction and non-equal. “

CNN Fraternal Order of Police has reached Capital City Lodge No. 9, which represents the officer.

Quinlan said Coy would hold a hearing in front of the Director of Public Safety on Monday morning, where the officer would rule on his recommendation to fire the officer

According to the Department of Public Safety, Coy and another officer who answered the call on Tuesday were equipped with body cameras, but did not turn them on until after the shooting. A function of the technology of body-worn cameras used by Columbus Police provides a 60-second look, but does not record any audio during that period, so no conversations are heard before or during the shooting.

Coy responded to the call shortly after 1:37 pm, after an unknown neighbor, who called 911, reported that a man had been sitting in his SUV for an extended period, repeatedly in his engine. Was switching on and off.

When police arrived at the home, they found a garage door open and a man came in, city officials said.

The body camera footage captured from a 60-second back look shows a lighted Hill, who walks with a car in his left hand towards the Coy cell phone and his right hand is not visible.

The officer, within seconds, locks his weapon before attacking Hill. When the audio arrives, Coy is ordered on the hill to place his hands next to him.

Hill died at the hospital at 2:30 pm, with no weapons recovered at the scene.

“I am a father and grandfather. I cannot feel the pain of Andre Hill’s family,” Quinlan said in his video statement on Thursday. “He was charged with violence. Violence can be prevented. Violent. Insensitive violence. It should not have happened, and it never should. Andre Hill should go on a vacation with his family. I’m from this community. I ask to wrap my arms around my family. And join me in praying for their comfort. “

The shooting is the second involving law enforcement in Columbus this month. Another black man, Casey Goodson Jr., was shot at his front door by a sheriff deputy from a different department, the Franklin County Sheriff Office. The December 4 shooting is the subject of a joint criminal civil rights investigation.

CNN’s David J. Lopez, Laurie Ure, Jennifer Henderson and Jessica Flynn contributed to this report.


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