Colts coach Frank Reich explains his decision to kneel during the national anthem

Indianapolis Colts coach Frank Reich was the only person to kneel during the national anthem on Sunday before taking on the Jacksonville Jaguars in the first game of the season.

Reich explained why he chose to kneel while the players locked arms.

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“We thought it a unique way of expressing what should be done, where someone would kneel themselves, a white leader, would not be disregarded but out of modesty,” he said, adding that the team’s Jaguars were 27- According to Fox, 59 after the 20 loss, “We can’t leave things the way they are.

“It seems to all of us, everyone, but certainly white leaders have the opportunity to really step up and make a big change as far as systemic racism is concerned.”

The Colts explained in a statement during the game that they were not opposed to the national anthem.

“To Be CLEAR – We were not opposed to the flag, the anthem, or the men and women who wear uniforms. The timing of this action is to highlight that the presence, power and oppression of racism is incompatible with unity and freedom Is. What does it mean to be American, “the statement read.

“Our black communities feel the weight of this issue and they are hurting. Our statement goes further today and expresses that we will not only speak out against racism, but we will continue to take action to support and uplift our black communities.” Will demonstrate their beliefs with. ”

The NFL has played a big role in promoting social justice initiatives this season.

The league let players and teams decide how to raise awareness about police brutality and racism. So far, almost every team has held some kind of protest or demonstration before their game.

Kansas City chiefs locked arms in their last zone before beginning to play the Black National Anthem. Most parties then stood for the national anthem. Prior to kickoff, the team held a moment of unity with Houston Texans players. Texas stayed in the locker room for both songs.


The Seattle Seahawks and Atlanta Falcons had the most poignant performances during the game. All special team members took one knee behind the final zone at kickoff.

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“During the kickoff in Atlanta, players from both teams exercised their right to pay attention to the social injustice that has persisted in the black community for many years. We stand for equality by the players,” the league said in a tweet said.