Colonie Underwood’s alleged texts revealed by Cassie Randolph

During an alleged incident on June 27, Cassie reveals that she was visiting her family home in Huntington Beach, California, located about 30 miles from Los Angeles, where both she and Colton lived. In the early hours of that day, Cassie’s brother allegedly “saw Mr. Underwood in the street outside the window of Ms. Randolph’s bedroom at two in the morning.”

“When he was confronted,” the filing stated, “Mr. Underwood sent harsh messages to Ms. Randolph, Ms. Randolph’s best friend.” Linda salas, And younger brother of Ms. Randolph. Since then, Mr. Underwood has been spotted by Ms. Randolph’s family, neighbors and family friends, who roam around the home of Ms. Randolph’s family in Huntington Beach and on the street near the house. ”

In a screenshot of alleged text messages sent from Coulton to Cassie on June 27, he says in part, “… because your [sic] A selfish person who is not ready to love. I spent two years doing what you like best and I’m feeling like a fool here now … You have hurt me beyond words … I have always done nothing for you and you still disrespect me Been there all the time. ”

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