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Young man is buried on the beach and parasites devour his foot [FOTO]

July 31, 2018 21:45 pm.

A young man of 17 years went to a beach in Florida, United States, to spend a fun day with his friends, but I do not imagine that a fun game would leave him in a terrible condition.

The victim was identified as Michael Duma went to the beach of the state of Tennessee. When his friends decided to play with him and buried him in the arena.

Minutes later Duma felt an intense itching on his feet. The young man let him pbad, however, hours later his skin began to redden and blisters formed that scared him.

"One of them measures 7.6 centimeters by 7.6 centimeters, it is a crater in her foot," said the mother of affected .

According to reports, Dumas began to suffer earaches and bumps under the skin of his legs and thighs. Doctors quickly diagnosed him with a severe case of hookworms, which are parasites that live in tropical areas and commonly affect animals.

Parasites can be transmitted from animals such as dogs and cats to humans, through contact with remains of infected feces.

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