Sunday , October 17 2021

With only a pair of fishnet stockings, Valentina Lizcano exhibited her tail and heated the nets

In addition, as is customary in several of her publications, Valentina accompanied the image with a message inviting her followers to reflect on the prejudices that exist about nudity .

"What if we We remove fears, prejudices, bullshit, wrote the actress.

Likewise, he invited users of social networks to not to "feel disgusted by the skin" .

In just 3 hours, the influential Instagram post exceeded the 25,000 'likes' and the 700 comments . On the other hand, Facebook has more than 100 interactions.

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"Beautiful", "perfect imperfection", "what a beauty of a butt", were some of the compliments Valentina received.

The actress also received compliments for her tail when she shared in networks the behind the scenes of a photo shoot in which she posed with a bathing suit.

This month, Valentina had to be operated on that a bad reduction was made 6 years ago, because previously she had put on "very big" prostheses.

Next, the photo in which the influencer posed without underwear :


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