Tuesday , October 26 2021

[VIDEO] In Bogotá they try to save the life of the policeman injured in Maicao


Last Sunday, a police patrol in Maicao was attacked by fuel smugglers in an operation that left two uniformed personnel seriously injured.

Through the social networks circulate images of the moment in which the official vehicle is incinerated, while the authorities try to find all those responsible.

Witnesses said that when members of the Fiscal and Customs Police proceeded to make a seizure of fuel, several people attacked them.

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The authorities had to throw tear gas to disperse the people who arrived at the site, in front of the University of La Guajira.

Another uniformed to Barranquilla

On the other hand, the patrolman Jhimdarwin Jiménez Badillo He was taken by ambulance to the city of Barranquilla, where he recovers from his wounds in the lower part of his body, unlike Palomino to whom the flames affected 80% of his body.

Sub-intendant Giovanny Palomino turned 33 last October, is single and has been part of the National Police for 13 years, of which eleven have been badigned to the Polfa. Only four months ago he arrived ascribed to La Guajira.

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The patrolman Jhimdarwin Jiménez Badillo is 32 years old, is married and has two children of 6 and 3 years of age; eight years ago he belongs to the police institution and seven of them in the Polfa.

The governor in charge of La Guajira, Wilson Rojas Vanegas, rejected the acts of violence that attempted against the members of the public force and called for speedy investigations.

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