Tuesday , October 26 2021

The details of the presentation of the financing law – Sectors – Economy


On Monday, an agreement was reached on the points that will be voted on this week in Congress.

The new taxes of the tax reformThe points that are already, and those that are discussed, at a time when the paper is ready.




November 26, 2018, 06:40 p.m.

After the meeting on Monday between the speakers and coordinators of the financing law, it was known that the paper that will be voted between Tuesday and Wednesday of this week in Congress would be ready.

Thus, the bill presented by 13.7 billion pesos, agreed several key points, including the controversial VAT to the family basket, which as had been announced last week was lifted and would be established for beers and sodaAccording to the report, the VAT would raise 960 million pesos and would equalize the tax regime for these beverages.

Other relevant points of the paper are:

– Income – Natural persons: it is expected to raise 1.9 trillion pesos and there will be greater collection due to the unification of cedulas and higher marginal rates.

– Heritage: There will be a rate of 1.5% for liquid badets over 5,500 million, discounting the first 463,000 million pesos of the dwelling. It is expected to raise 1.2 trillion pesos for this concept.

– Dividends: There will be a 15% rate for dividends higher than 10.3 million pesos = 452,000 million (Residents). It also proposes a rate of 7.5% for the Giro of profits abroad = 369,000 million pesos. The collection would be 821,000 million pesos.

– Dian normalization,
I would have a collection of 1 trillion pesos.

– Limitation of VAT discounts up to 90%:
rewarded of 6 trillion pesos.

– Income surplus to the financial sectors
: will be 5 points and expects a collection of 700,000 million pesos.

– Impoconsumo of 2% for sale housing of more than 918 million pesos. Expect a collection of 1.1 billion pesos.


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