Saturday , November 27 2021

So she slaps teacher to one of her students, now sanction and investigate [VIDEO]


Social networks do not forgive. This is evident with a recording that circulates virally through networks and that show that a teacher slapped a student, in what they consider an act of intolerance.

The events occurred in Cartago, Valle, after a student threw the lid of a pen without fault. The 63-year-old woman had to resign.

Now the relatives of the young man, point out that this video is the strongest test they have against the teacher of the Sor Maria Juliana de Cartago school. In the images can be seen as the teacher, approaches the young man and hits him in the face after having thrown a lid of a pen "without fault", as his colleagues say.

Lina Hoyos, mother of the minor, indicated that the incident occurred after a game between her son and another student. "The incident occurred at the time of the departure, type 12:20 in the afternoon, when my son was thrown a pen lid and he returned it. Unfortunately, it fell on the teacher's neck and she, very angry, hit her in front of all her clbadmates, "said Dona Lina.

The fact came to the Ministry of Education of Cartago where they indicated that the teacher acted in an act of intolerance, in addition to renouncing the institution and now faces a disciplinary sanction.

"We regret the fact, because it is the first time that such a thing happens in Cartago. This is already being investigated by the disciplinary control office, "said Martha Díaz, the municipality's education secretary.

To this is added a complaint that the minor's family filed in the Office of the Prosecutor.

Meanwhile, Secretary Diaz indicated that the teacher has been a victim of bullying through social networks and that she was even incapacitated by a picture of anxiety and depression resulting from this situation.

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