Sleeping over a weekend can make more damage than staying up late

There is a lot of knowledge of the level of problems that are caused by a little sleep. The effects of continuous sleep losses from memory problems regarding cardiovascular disease risk. But research from the University of Colombia shows that sleeping is not more than a weekend; make up those problems. In addition to tiredness, it can inspire different people.

The research was published by the scientific journal Current biology. The aim of this study is to identify how the dangers in sleeping sleep change to dealing with obesity or diabetes. We know that sleepers have less insulin sensitivity, and are likely to eat more. Especially because they are likely to "behave" at night or early in the morning.

The survey carried out 36 volunteer workers aged 18 to 39 years, calculated for two weeks describing food, light and relaxation. The division was then divided into three groups and the same changes were inspected for nine days. One of them had nine hours of sleep. There were other restrictions in sleeping only five hours of continuous sleep. The members slept the third one five hours in five days, and there they slept two days as they wanted, and returned to five hours in the remaining two days.

Members of groups that were sleeping were smaller; stressed and they were aware of insulin awareness. But those who were capable of sleeping more than a week had a & # 39; similar effects. They set "bite" at night during their long sleeping days. When they returned to their "normal" sleep, they returned to bring those numbers into.

"The yo-yo may be back-up – changing the amount of time we eat, changing our circadian clock and then sleep enough. again – it's very bad, "said author, Kenneth Wright.

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