Shortly, there will be new information from Age of Empires

In 2017 Microsoft stated that Age of Empires IV had not returned one of their best rights, although this time has passed and we do not know about this new source of strategy classics.

It seems that this is changing, as the voting community manager, Jennifer Godwin There will be news about the series in the next program of Inside Xbox, although it does not provide information if there is information about the new delivery or other type.

It should be remembered that the saga would have been living with HD versions or reviving classes for many years, although there is no new solution, it is the latest title Age of Empire: Special edition, released in 2018 and that responded to the revival of her & # 39; first delivery.

With regard to Inside Xbox, it corresponds to the Microsoft website where different information and news is distributed to keep players in touch. For now, the next program does not have a distinctive date.

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