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Sale of housing inventory is lagging behind – Sectors – Economy

The fall in sales of residential supply in the country has forced builders to evaluate strategies to move the available stock, which, according to the Colombian Chamber of Construction (Camacol), approaches 140,000 units. [19659002] This was revealed by the president of the union, Sandra Forero, who added that "it is urgent to reduce the finished inventory and accelerate the levels of turnover."

According to data from Coordenada Urbana, Camacol's research area, the apartments and houses that are currently on offer would take almost eleven months on average, but the goal is to reduce them to eight.

"We have to be creative, since, in part, speed depends on it. of the recovery of the sector, especially the commercialization of new inventory, "said Forero Tuesday in the presentation of the report of 'Construction trends with cut to June'.

There, the board revealed that In the first half of the year, 83,224 homes were sold in the country. Compared to the same period of 2017, this represented a variation of -4.9 percent.

Time of adjustments

However, for the directive, the results reflect the adjustments that the sector is presenting to the economic reality that has crossed the country so far this year. Forero also explained that of that new offer, 52,416 corresponded to social interest housing (VIS); 60,175, to the middle stratum and 27,290, to the high range.

Another relevant data for the sector is related to the releases, which registered a fall of 20.7 percent in the period badyzed. For the trade union leader, "when selling less, obviously there are fewer launches, but that is healthy, because it would be serious to have an excess of inventory," he said.

'The rate subsidy is key'

One of the requests from Camacol to the elected president, Iván Duque, consists of guaranteeing access to formal housing; for this, it considers it key to maintain the subsidy at the interest rate and the subsidy to the initial quota allocated to social housing.

According to the president of the union, Sandra Forero, "it is also necessary to deepen the financing and, in pbading, generate incentives for saving and investment in new supply". However, he pointed out that this will be possible as long as there are clear rules and, consequently, more legal security.

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