Tuesday , October 26 2021

Prosecutor's Office violated guarantees in evidence collection at Pizano's house: Procuraduría


The judge in charge rejected the legalization of the evidence that the Prosecutor's Office collected in the house of the Ruta del Sol examiner and key witness in the Odebrecht case, Jorge Enrique Pizano, who died on November 8 at his home in Subachoque, a product of a heart attack and whose son died two days later having ingested cyanide.

The Attorney General's Office badured that the non-legalization was due to the fact that the collection exceeded the 36-hour time established in the law. According to the delegate of the Public Prosecutor's Office, more than 36 hours pbaded from the beginning of the procedure on Saturday, November 17 until its conclusion on Sunday, December 18. For this reason, according to the control body, the judge agreed with the judge.

A different version of the Attorney General's Office has the General Prosecutor's Office. In his opinion, what was carried out was a voluntary inspection, since it was not a search as such, since the relatives of Pizano always agreed to such proceedings.

According to the Prosecutor's Office, despite the fact that the legalization hearing was held on Friday and ended late at night, it should not be presented taking into account that 'voluntary inspections' are not legalized before a judge.

For the Prosecutor's Office, it is confusing that, although the prosecutor of the case accompanied one by one the procedures carried out in the residence of Pizano, in the diligence before the judge, she opposed the legality of the evidence collected by the members of the court. CTI.

In the inspections the investigators found in the auxiliary bathroom of the house, in one of the cabinets, a jar of cyanide, in addition to two cell phones and a computer.

The finding of the Prosecutor's Office due to cyanide is important, because Alejandro Pizano, son of the exauditor, he died two days after his father, after he ingested flavored water that was in his father's office, and which apparently contained chemical residues. In the opinion of Legal Medicine it was confirmed that Alejandro Pizano had a trace of the poison in his body.

The exauditor left recorded statements to Noticias Uno in which points out the Attorney General, Néstor Humberto Martínez Neira, of knowing the irregularities that were registered in the contracting with the Brazilian firm Odebrecht, and did not put that information in the hands of the authorities.

For his part, Martínez Neira has come up against all the accusations, stating that there was no certainty about the crimes that had been registered or if all the facts were "reportable."

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