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Pizano also testified before an arbitration tribunal


"And there are reports of yours (about) what did you think was suspicious of those payments?" The question was asked to Corficolombiana's exuditor, Jorge Enrique Pizano (qepd), during the testimony he gave before the Arbitration Court of the Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá, which sought to resolve a conflict between the Ruta del Sol Concessionaire and the National Agency of Infrastructure, ANI.

The declaration was rendered on January 23 of this year and Pizano there ratifies that, at the time, it delivered the information of irregularities to the directives of the firm. Under the severity of the oath, he states that "the investigations were informed by Corficolombiana, Odebrecht was informed and the investigations were carried out in 2015 by the Aval group, by the vicepresident of the Aval comptroller, which carried out some serious comments to Odebrecht about the contracts signed and what led to the amendments to the statutes (sic) ".

This would be the second proof that, at the time, Pizano did reveal the irregularities that were interwoven around the false contracts that from several companies were signed to pay the millionaire bribes that have as main protagonist the Brazilian Odebrecht.

According to the Prosecutor's Office account, the simulated contracts in Ruta del Sol would have an amount of 65,000 million pesos, which would have been paid to the firms Consultores Unidos Colombia, Consultores Unidos Panamá, Stock Market Professionals, SION and TTU (Territorial and Urban Techniques) ).

Exactly on Consultores Unidos, the lawyers of the Arbitration Court ask him about the contracts and the amount that they turned to that firm, to which Pizano responds that "they are varied, like 8 billion (pesos), approximately".

Consultores Unidos had as legal representative a remembered character in the world of the national bank: Eduardo José Zambrano Caicedo, who for many years was involved in a scandal related to the now disappeared Bank. His name also appears in a testimony that he gave before the Council of State in the file for the loss of investiture of Senators Bernardo Miguel Elías and Plinio Olano Becerra.

Before that high court, Caicedo (also arrested for the scandal Odebrecht), said that "at the request of Eleuberto Martorelli increased the value of two contracts concluded with that firm, whose surplus was delivered to Federico Gaviria and Plinio Olano Becerra, who added more than 10,000 million pesos ".

Reports of the Aval Group

Pizano was suffering from cancer. His health had deteriorated markedly and his death, surrounded by a scandal by the discovery of a jar of cyanide on his farm, was the result of a heart attack, according to the necropsy report prepared by a doctor at Facatativá Hospital.

His illness was also known to the arbiters of the Chamber of Commerce, who in the middle of one of his replies said: "sorry gentlemen of this Court, I am in a process and I have cancer and it is a process of chemotherapy. .. I will answer what I remember and I can answer, the processes of chemotherapy, you should know, they are very complicated processes and it is not that they are erasing my hard drive, but I do have problems that sometimes I do not have certainty of certain things "

In his testimony, Pizano makes it clear that the reports on the questioned contracts were delivered to "Alberto Mariño Samper (member of the Board of Directors of the Concessionaire), Dr. Rafael Eduardo, who is the member of the board of directors on behalf of Episol, and Dr. Rafael Eduardo Neira, vice president of the Aval group. "

The name of the Aval group has come to the public arena these days in the midst of the revelations of the audios that Pizano himself delivered and that account for the conversations he had with the then lawyer of that economic conglomerate, Néstor Humberto Martínez, today. Attorney General of the Nation.

As a result, Luis Carlos Sarmiento Gutiérrez, president of the emporium, sent a statement to the employees of the companies that are part of Aval, in which he gives his version of the events that have them in the eye of the hurricane.

Sarmiento Gutiérrez says that "convinced of the importance of contributing to the development of Colombia's road infrastructure, in 2009 we became partners as minority and non-operators of the Concesionaria Ruta del Sol society (…) With this partnership we would obtain essential and necessary experience that at the time we did not have in the construction of mega roads ".

Although not mentioned directly, in the letter that came through the institutional mail of the workers, Sarmiento refers to Odebrecht as "our partner, (who) far from deserving any reproach, was considered globally as one of the main examples of knowledge and professionalism ". That same partner is the one who has them on the ropes today.

And for the president of the firm, they are "being victims of false and irresponsible accusations", although he does not specify which ones.

Irregularities in Sarlaft

As auditor of Corficolombiana, Pizano was responsible for the Risk Management System for Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism, Sarlaft. This platform, which depends on the Financial Analysis and Information Analysis Unit, aims to prevent the national financial system from entering resources from illicit activities, as well as to detect and report suspicious transactions with which they intend to give appearance of legality.

Pizano found anomalies in the management of this platform and thus exposed it to the members of the Tribunal, to whom he pointed out that the Sarlaft system was presented to the Board of Directors on September 22, 2012.

"A manual was delivered to all the officials, where the objectives, their policies, procedures and basically the knowledge of the contractors were determined (…) what were the instruments that were used to detect unusual situations, what were the alerts I wanted, "said Pizano.

The examiner entrusted the referees with training, warnings were raised and the recommendations were given rigorously, but in spite of this, he detected that there were contractors who had not had the Sarlaft procedure. For these inconsistencies a memorandum was raised to each of the responsible areas.

"I informed and not only to Corficolombiana, but as it was my obligation, to the president of the Concessionaire and to the managers of the areas. Is that we must be clear is that the administrator of the Concessionaire was the majority partner according to the statutes that was Odebrecht. Moreover, I have informed the Attorney General of the Nation of those reports that the same prosecutor's office has requested when I was summoned last year in May, by Prosecutor 80, Amparo, "he emphasized.

The prosecutor Amparo referred to is Amparo Cerón, who under his tutelage has completed the investigation for this scandal and the same as last October had a traffic accident in Chile, while he was out walking with his family. Due to the seriousness of the injuries, he has not yet returned to his position.

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