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Live online Santa Fe vs Rampla Juniors Copa Sudamericana – International Soccer – Sports

The defender made two free-kicks and the team is in the round of 16.

 Carlos Henao

Carlos Henao celebrates the goal of Santa Fe.


Héctor Fabio Zamora / ETCE


July 31, 2018, 09:37 p.m.

The match ends

Santa Fe qualified for the Copa Americamericana Round of 16 after defeating Rampla Juniors 2-0

Another great goal by Henao

The defender of Santa Fe scored again a great goal. Once again, Carlos Henao scored the second goal and qualified for the next phase of the Copa Sudamericana.

Santa Fe saved

Julián Lalinde had the draw and clbadification of Rampla Juniors. After a good cross, the striker, alone, missed his chance to score.

Again Odriozola

The Rampla goalkeeper returns to get a goal to Guastavino. A shot from the half moon was very well saved by the goalkeeper.

Ejected Morelo

The striker of Santa Fe is expelled from the game after hitting with the taches of the guayo goalkeeper Odriozola in a split play.

Rampla is left with 10

As expected after so many fouls, Gonzalo Rizzo sees the red card after trying to elbow Wilson Morelo. The Uruguayans are now with one goal and one player less.

Santa Fe goal

A Carlos Henao shoe, after a free kick near the area, ended in a goal by Santa Fe. With that goal, the people of Bogota are in the second round of the Copa Sudamericana


The Uruguayans in every foul try to simulate as much as they can to delay the game. And in the first dangerous free kick almost open the score.

The second half begins

The last 45 minutes of the series are already played. If there are no goals, the qualifier will be defined by penalties.

End of first half

No goals finish the first 45 minutes of the game.

Atajadón de Odriozola

Rampla goalkeeper, Rodrigo Odriozola, showed off in a huge volley after a free kick by Guastavino that went straight to the goal.

Paste more than play

Much of the first half was characterized by the strong play of part and part. The two teams have had many quiet ball plays, but none has generated danger.

Morelo and Rampla's captain, Edgar Martínez, chased a fight after a play in favor of Santa Fe and after several pushes the referee took him out yellow to both.

Rampla was saved

Juan Daniel Roa had an unbeatable chance to be alone in front of the goalkeeper, diagonal to the goal, but the midfielder preferred to download Wilson Morelo, who he could not hit him well.

The change appears

Dorrego had the first clear option for Rampla. A dry shot from outside the area pbaded near the goal defended by Leandro Castellanos.

Rampla Juniors suffered the injury of the midfielder Gastón Díaz and had to enter Hugo Dorrego. The Uruguayans are still betting on the direct game and looking for fouls near the area.

Rampla Juniors appeals to the long balls and to look for in the air game the goal that gives him tranquility in the game. They had two corner kicks, but without any danger.

With all Santa Fe

The home team has a furious start. It presses the exit of the Uruguayans and already they have had several options of face to the goal. The clearest Diego Guastavino wasted, who missed a shot face to face with the goalkeeper.



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