Tuesday , November 30 2021

In flagrante delicto, two men arrested who apparently received millionaire extortion in La América, in Medellín


According to the Police, the alleged criminals demanded 2 million pesos per level of building that the workers would raise. They are already behind bars.

The detainees, aged 20 and 31, were captured by the Police Gaula. But it was not a catch either.

In a video sent by that source it is seen when one of the supposed extortionists is reduced by those who apparently were workers and engineers of the work, a 12-story building located in the La América neighborhood, in western Medellín.

However, those who put the handcuffs were really Gaula men who mounted an exemplary operation, to remove from circulation these two alleged members of the band El Coco.

"Thanks to our prevention work, we approach the victims of extortion. We invite the construction companies to denounce. In less than a week this case was resolved. The two captured were left with an intramural measure, "said Lieutenant Colonel John Alexander Forero, commander of the Gaula Metropolitano Group.

Apparently, the detainee and one of his alleged accomplices, captured minutes later, were to receive 8 million pesos as a result of extortion to the builder, but the total requirement was to be 24 million for the 12 floors built on the site.

The men would have said that if they did not pay extortion, both the builder and his family, as well as the workers, would be in danger.

Although they do not register criminal records, the police informed, both were sent to prison.

The capture was given thanks to the complaint of the builder, who said that for each floor built they were charging 2 million pesos.

The criminal structure El Coco, to which the detainees allegedly belong, maintains a war with the band La Agonía in the 13th district of Medellín. The confrontation caused the death of a 13-year-old boy on Friday when men from the second-mentioned criminal organization threw an explosive on a street in the Santa Rosa neighborhood of Lima. The child's grandmother and a person close to him were injured with splinters and recovered at a health center.

The fact provoked the repudiation of the Medellin society and led to the Mayor's office offering a reward to locate those responsible.

Photo: Metropolitan Police

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