Saturday , November 27 2021

Dramatic: so they rescue couple in Antioquia that almost falls in his car of 2nd floor [VIDEO]


A big scare lived a couple who was leaving in his vehicle for the parking lot of a residential complex in Montevento, in Envigado, and the driver lost control of the vehicle.

When he lost control, he crashed head-on into a wall and half a car and was outside the building at a height of three meters.

The emergency was attended by the Fire Department of Envigado, who once arrived at the place, the first thing they did was secure the vehicle so that it would not fall. Then they proceeded, with the help of harnesses, to rescue the driver and her husband.

Luis Bernardo Morales, commander of the Volunteer Fire Department of Envigado, said that thanks to a tree that held the bus in the air it was possible to rescue the two people.

Happy ending to an event that could have ended in tragedy.

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