Saturday , November 27 2021

Death was 'smoked': chilling crime of man in the commune of horror in Medellín | Palmira


Chilling crime was the one that was recorded in the most recent hours in front of a house in the El Pozo sector of the El Pesebre neighborhood of Comuna 13 in Medellín, Antioquia. The victim of the act was identified as John Edwin Ruiz Zapata, 33 years old.

According to people who witnessed the events, the man was in front of his house smoking a cigarette, when untimely two people arrived at the building, and without a word opened fire indiscriminately, seeking to end his life.

Three bullet wounds, two in the head and one in the arm, immediately bathed him in blood and caused him a sudden death. The murderers, without leaving any trace, escaped and at this moment they are wanted by the authorities, who try to clarify what happened.

Relatives of the victim said that they did not know of death threats against him, although his brother had been killed earlier this year, and that another one, whom they know with the alias of 'La Gargogue', is serving his sentence. home prison.

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