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Camilo Sesto was admitted to a hospital emergency

By El Comercio / Peru / GDA
07/31/2018 | 09: 03 p.m.

The singer
Spanish Camilo Sesto, 71, had a health scare this week, as he was
emergency boarding school in the university hospital of Puerta del
Hierro-Majadahonda of Madrid. According to local media, he had a severe pain
in the lumbar part that led him to suspend his activities.

As indicated
Spanish newspaper El Mundo, Camilo Sesto was diagnosed with a picture of
renal-urethral colic (stones), but that is already better and in the next
hours will be discharged.

medical mishap surprised the followers of the singer, who a few days ago
posted a photo of him on the social network Instagram. He, next December,
will release a symphonic disc with his remembered themes.

In 2016
Camilo Sesto suffered another health mishap: he had a fall in his home that
It affected the hip and, therefore, had to move in a wheelchair. For that
then he had to sing while sitting.

announced his retirement from the stage a decade ago, Camilo Sesto has
kept musically active. After debuting musically in the 60s as
member of other groups, he made his way in the 70s as a soloist. The rest
it is known history.

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