Tuesday , November 30 2021

Blockchain, the technology behind Bitcoin, will revolutionize the market thanks to its protection against cyber attacks

A new industry

The chain of blocks will not only be used in the financial sector, but also in health, commerce, logistics and even for electronic voting.

The string of blocks or blockchain the technology í to in ] which is based Bitcoin goes showing new applications in different segments of the market .

From made to operate as a species from ] record hist or rich of all the transactions distributed among several nodes of the red allows to be transparent and unforgeable adem to s ] of allow the transfer of data [19659004] with a strong encryption .

by it the string of blocks is view with atenci or n from the sector of the finances and [19659004] all appears to indicate that be to used by the companies of the sector the transfers financial of a way secure econ or mica and [19659004] in the minor time possible .

and as saves the record of operations without possibility of manipulation or n [19659004] ni alteration or n the data are verifiable without need of intermediaries .

No is for nothing that IDC projects that on 25 % of the global transactional banks 30 % of the companies of manufactures and trade and 20 % of the organizations of health use á n networks of blockchain .

by it both the badysts believe that used together to other technology í to s as Internet of the Things or Intelligence Artificial ( IA ) – may may í through use the blockchain through any process that requires ] of verification or n of data .

This trend derive to in that the market global of technology í to of chains of blocks reach ] to a value of or $ s20 . 000 million for [19659004] 2024 sec ú n forecasts of Transparency Market [19659004] Research .

Sec ú n indic or Esther Riveroll founder and director general of Alldatum Business to Forbes the string of blocks [19659004] may í to extend to the following branches of the econom í :

Health . Permit to control the permissions of users spec and graphics of the record ] í nico electr or nico as í as el access to records and data of the patients . And offer to the possibility of to audit and to know qui é n ] has consulted the information or n avoid the theft of data e prevent the suplantaci or n from identity .

Logistics . Se may á n expedite the operations the gesti or n ] and the trace to level global of large quantities of containers and transports adem to s of generate the " smart contract ", a [19659004] contract intelligent that delete í to the cumbersome administrative process by the pbad normally suppliers and customers .

Retail . The string of blocks be to vital for collect and update the ] information or n of the food from its production or n up that arrive to the consumer to improve its traceability and traceability . Tambi é n identify the origin of a possible crisis alimentary and ] determine cu to ndo c or or and to qui é n corresponds the responsibility .

Vote electronic . Blockchain allow í to boost this modality of election or n and ] avoid fraud in the elections .


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