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Barcelona vs Roma LIVE ONLINE LIVE via DirecTV Sports: Match for the International Champions Cup

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In a friendly match for the International Champions Cup, Barcelona of Spain won against AS Roma. The game was the second for both in the pre-season tournament that has been held every year at this time, taking advantage of the European recess, but has left different faces in the aforementioned squads.

Despite the victory of the Italian team, they could be more doubts than certainties regarding the game shown. The team led by Eusebio Di Francesco did not show the same game that made him fight for important things last season, but what they did was to recover from adversity and hit at the right moments.

FINAL: Barcelona 2-4 Rome

90 ' Control the game, intelligently, Roma

88' Barcelona tries to get close to the scoreboard, but they can not get the offensive pbades right

] 86 'GOOOAAAL DE LA ROMA! Perotti scores from the penalty spot.

Diego Perotti Penalty Goal • Barcelona v Rome (2x [4])

– Football Goals (@_eurogoals) August 1, 2018


84 ' The Rome begins to control the game, with intelligence.

82' GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL OF ROME! Cristante scores the comeback goal.

Bryan Cristante Goal • Barcelona v Roma (2x [3])

– Football Goals (@_eurogoals) August 1, 2018

81 ' Individual action of Palencia (Barcelona). It has not finished well.

80 ' Roma's dangerous center, but Barcelona's defense manages to answer.

78' The match has been complicated for Barcelona, because the experience of his players can play against him.

77 'GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL OF ROME! Florenzi makes a counterattack.

Florenzi Goal • Barcelona v Roma (2x [2])

– Football Goals (@_eurogoals) 1st August 2018

76 ' Defensive oversight of Barcelona, ​​but Schick fails to achieve

73' The offense of Rome does not create danger in Barcelona.

71 'UFFF! Failure of the defensive zone of Barcelona. Schick has the ball on the edge of the area, but loses the chance to score.

70 ' Barcelona has no problems controlling the game.

69' Roma tries to advance to the opposite field, but does not find the necessary collective threads.

67 'UFFF! Miranda Center (Barcelona) from the left. The ball is deflected, walks through the whole area and will be a corner kick.

64 ' Despite the variations, Barcelona keeps possession of the ball.

62 'UFFF! Puig's great pbad for Ruiz, but the goalkeeper manages to send the corner kick in great form.

60 ' Several changes are made, so the intensity of the game could change. [19659004] 58 ' Great collective move of Barcelona that starts Malcom. Puig does not center with address.

57 'UFFF! Shot by Malcom (Barcelona) at the near post. Pbad close, but fails to score.

56 ' Roma press, although they have not managed to win the ball.

55' Dangerous arrival of Barcelona, ​​led by Malcom , but it is not effective.

53 'UFFF! Malcom shoots a direct free kick into the goal, but the ball pbades over the goal.

52 ' Foul to Rafinha (Barcelona). Dangerous free kick for Barcelona.

51 ' Barcelona has gained confidence and wants to secure the match immediately.

48' BARCELONA GOOOAAA! Malcom scores the Azulgranas' second goal.

Malcom Goal • Barcelona v Roma ([2] x1)

– Football Goals (@_eurogoals) August 1, 2018

47 ' Roma have come out with the intention of winning the game.

46' GOAL OF EL SHAARAWY! But the line referee saw him in an advanced position

45 ' He starts the second stage of the match

REST: Barcelona 1-1 Rome

45' UFFF! Cillesen goes out with all of his bow to avoid the arrival of El Shaarawy danger. It ends up hitting with Semedo.

43 'UFFF! Shot by Sergi Roberto (Barcelona). The ball pbades over the goal

42 ' Barcelona controls the ball in the opposite field.

40' The match has gained in intensity in mark, but lost in accuracy in terms of the game.

39 ' Roma advances the pressure of their lines, but leaving few men in defense can play against them.

38' Has grown the game of Rome based on the individualities.

37 'CARD AMARILLA: Manolas (Roma) and Vidal (Barcelona)

36' Foul against Malcom (Barcelona) . Manolas marks him rudely.

34 'ROME GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Shaarawy scores after great play by Kluivert

Stephan El Shaarawy Goal • Barcelona v Rome (1x [1])

– Football Goals (@_eurogoals) August 1, 2018

33 ' He starts playing Barcelona, ​​despite the high pressure from Roma. They have not had problems.

31 ' Barcelona playing with the advanced lines, looking to extend the score.

30' The control of the game is maintained for Barcelona. [19659004] 28 ' Vidal (Barcelona) takes the free kick with a direct shot at the goal, but it is very high

27' CARD AMARILLA: Pellegrini (Roma) is booked for a foul against Rafinha.

26 'UFFF! Pbad between the lines for Dzeko. Marlon manages to deflect and avoid the hand to hand with Cillesen.

25 ' Center for Dzeko (Rome). Lenglet wins the position well.

24 ' Long pbad in search of Dzeko (Roma), but the Barca defense controls well.

23' Kluivert's shot ( Rome), but it does not have the correct address.

22 ' Cucurella (Barcelona) is constantly incorporated into the attack. Well until now the young player.

20 ' Foul by Vidal (Barcelona) when pressing in offensive.

19' Rafinha (Barcelona) manages the threads of midfield

17 ' Roma tries to advance dangerously, but they have not had an offensive connection

15' UFFF! Shot by Rafinha (Barcelona). The ball pbades very close to the far post.

14 ' Despite numerous absences, Barcelona tries to present the game that has always characterized it.

13' Lack in favor of Rome. Munir receives a push, but was ahead.

11 ' Florenzi (Roma) shot that almost becomes the equalizer.

08' Munir, Malcom and Rafinha they give speed to the offensive of Barcelona.

07 ' Barcelona has been the team that has tried the most in the first minutes.

06' GOOOOOOOOOOOOO DEL BARCELONA! Rafinha opens the scoring.

Here the goal of Rafinha Alcántara ⤵⤵

– ❤???Barcelonadictos???❤ (@Leyendasdelgol) 1 August 2018

05 ' Kluivert (Roma) tries to unbalance, but has no good direction.

04' Barcelona is the team that manages the actions in the first minutes. [19659004] 03 ' Munir's shot from outside the box, but the ball is well controlled by the goalkeeper.

02' Rafinha (Barcelona) tries a shot from the edge of the box , but is blocked by the defense.

01 ' Arrival of Barcelona, ​​on the right. Malcolm Center, but Munir fails to connect with good management.

01 ' Starts the game, moved Barcelona.

– Teams jump to the field for the previous ceremony.


XI Barcelona: Cillessen; Semedo, Marlon, Lenglet, Cucurella, Arthur, Roberto, Rafinha, Vidal, Marlom and El Haddadi.

? XI
⚽️ Barça vs. AS Roma
?? #TheMagiciansOfTheBall pic.

– FC Barcelona (@FCBarcelona) August 1, 2018

XI Rome: Robin Olsen; Florenzi, Manolas, Ivan Marcano, Santon, Strootman, De Rossi, Pellegrini, El Shaarawy, Kluivert and Dzeko

? Ecco la nostra formazione per # BarçaRoma

? Esordio per Robin Olsen with del maglia dell ' #ASRoma ! ?? # ICC2018

– AS Roma (@OfficialASRoma) August 1, 2018


Barcelona vs. Rome face this Tuesday July 31 at 9:00 p.m. (Peruvian time) from the stadium AT & T Stadium of Texas . The duel is valid for the International Champions Cup and will be broadcast by DirecTV Sports, while you can follow all the incidents, with minute by minute and video highlights, in Lí [19659004] Barcelona continues with the pre-season work and now will face its second match of preparation before a team of high demand. Those led by Ernesto Valverde achieved an agonizing triumph, in the penalty shoot-out, against England's Tottenham, a match that was complicated when it seemed all defined.

??? Intense debut for @clement_lenglet @arthurhromelo and #Malcom ! 19

– FC Barcelona (@FCBarcelona) July 30, 2018

YOU CAN SEE: Manolas to Malcom: "Before you sign up for the Barcelona did not know who he was "

The transitory victory (2-0) against the 'Spurs' ended with an unexpected draw, this largely due to the little experience of several of the Barcelona players. However, the 'Azulgranas' were effective in penalties and Malcom the recent and resounding hiring of the team, was in charge of scoring in the fifth shot.

It was the arrival of the Brazilian attacker that It could generate some kind of disagreement between AS Roma and the Spanish entity. Recall that Malcom had everything arranged with the Italian club, but the intervention of Barcelona at the last minute made his plans change, which, in the preview, generates something of morbidity in this meeting.

Grazie to tutti i tifosi giallorossi che sono stati al nostro fianco to San Diego?❤️

Pray if part Dallas verse! ? #RomaTour #ASRoma

– AS Roma (@OfficialASRoma) July 30, 2018

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The 'Loba', despite having his main figures, did not have an auspicious debut in the International Champions Cup They were defeated, overwhelmingly, 4-1 against Tottenham. Now, Roma is looking to recover and they want to repeat what they did in the Champions League, where they beat Barça 3-0 and eliminated them.


XI Barcelona: Cillesen; Semedo, Marlon, Lenglet, Miranda; Rafinha, S. Roberto, Puig, Malcom, Arthur and El Haddadi.

XI Rome: Mirante; Santon, Manolas, Jesús, Pellegrini; Cristante, Pastore, Gonalons; Under, Schick and Perotti.


Peru, Mexico, Panama, Colombia and Ecuador: 9.00 p.m.
United States: 9.00 p.m. (ET) / 6.00 p.m. (PT)
Honduras, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, El Salvador and Nicaragua: 8:00 p.m.
Bolivia, Paraguay, Venezuela and Puerto Rico: 10.00 p.m.
Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Chile: 11.00 p.m.
Spain, Italy, France, Germany and Portugal: 4.00 am (the next day)


On the Internet the duel between Barcelona and Rome, will broadcast minute by minute with all the incidents of the encounter and goals instantly. In addition, you can see the goal summary at the end of the match.

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