Sunday , October 17 2021

101 people are saved from aviation accident in Mexico – Latin America – International

An Aeromexico ship was not able to take off from Durango. I was on my way to Mexico City.


This photo shows that the plane crashed in Durango failed to take off and left the runway about 500 meters.

Mexico City (Reuters)

July 31, 2018, 11:02 pm

An Aeromexico plane crashed on Tuesday shortly after taking off in the Mexican state of Durango an accident that left some 85 injured but no fatalities, according to local authorities and the company.

The aircraft , an Embraer 190, took off from the Durango International Airport, Guadalupe Victoria, at four in the afternoon with 101 people on board, but it is suspected that due to a storm it had to perform an emergency maneuver a few kilometers.

Television images showed the aircraft partially burned after an explosion and a cloud of smoke on the tail with the logo of the airline in a wooded area adjacent to the air terminal.

We work to gather additional information on the causes.

Flight 2431 covered the Durango-Mexico City route and carried 97 pbadengers and four crew, said Secretary of Communications and Transportation, Gerardo Ruiz. "We work to gather additional information on the causes," the airline reported.
President Enrique Peña Nieto said he asked to collaborate to attend to the accident.

According to authorities, 85 people would have resulted with injuries; some were attended to in the place and others, transferred to health centers. Local media reported that many injured people left on foot.

The Durango general hospital reported receiving 18 patients. Only two injured had a state of health "critical", explained Fernando Rios, spokesman for the Ministry of Health.

Aeroméxico, the Mexican flag airline, has a fleet of 72 aircraft and in its 84 years of life has not been exempt from accidents. The most recent occurred in October 2000, when a DC-9 left the runway of Reynosa International Airport in northern Mexico and crashed. The occupants survived, but the aircraft hit four people.


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