College Sports: What makes Jimbo Fisher so special? The former plate of QBs in the new coach of Texas A & M –

College Sports: What makes Jimbo Fisher so special? The former plate of QBs in the new coach of Texas A & M


So much so that their proteges are beginning to compile their own impressive CVs. Fisher has trained eight field marshals who came to be recruited in the NFL, including two No. 1 overall selections: JaMarcus Russell (2007) and Jameis Winston (2015).

"I call Coach Fisher quarterback Guru," Winston said. "I know he's going to clear up."

The term "field marshal guru" is hazy. Do you mean personal quarterback trainers who are hired to mold signal calls that are not even in high school? Or is it reserved for those who take those preparation prospects and turn them into winners at the university level? Fisher himself is not a fan of personal trainers of quarterbacks and self-styled "quarterbacks," but his credentials as coach of the position certainly make him worthy of the title.

The Sentinel recently spoke with several of Fisher's former quarterbacks to tell a story about the coach's ability to manage the job. During the reporting process, three common themes continued to emerge about Fisher's successful coaching style: the ability to evaluate, motivate and put his quarterbacks in a position to succeed as a calling player.

These are some of the reasons why Fisher is one of the country's leading officials in field marshals, according to those who have been affected by his training.

Fisher's pedigree began when he was an badistant at Samford from 1988-92, but his career really took off when he became Auburn's quarterback coach in 1993. Although he was a "trainer of Field Marshals "In the title, Fisher also played an important role in the planning of the game and the game.

Terry Bowden, head coach of Auburn (1993-98): "I remember when we played Florida in & # 39; The Swamp & # 39; [in 1994]. [Florida coach Steve] Spurrier never I had lost a game in The Swamp, we won their first 16 games in Auburn, and in Florida we are 17 favorites, they are very good, it was when Danny Wuerffel was the winner of the Heisman Trophy, I remember saying [before the first drive] & Jimbo. What does it look good? He's all in. You had to appreciate that Nobody says everything In his mind, everything seemed like an opportunity And everything worked fine It's an example of a guy with a lot of confidence "

Auburn won 38-35 behind a stellar performance by quarterback Patrick Nix.

Patrick Nix, Auburn Field Marshal (1992-95): "Jimbo was very practical and Jimbo was more than Terry, Terry tried it, he came here or there to a meeting and It would be something that Jimbo had already overcome or whatever, it was much more Jimbo than Terry was.

Jimbo was the one who knew the game plan, knew what we had to do, and And Jimbo was, as it is now, very accessible, I remember many times that I went in and sat in his office on a Monday or Tuesday, watching the game movie early, and he will be sitting there talking to me and us going by for different things, or several times I remember it many times and [current Arizona coach] Rich Rodriguez would be talking on the phone … he would talk to Rich about the previous Saturday, the pbades he launched or just talking about different ideas and different things. things Jimbo was always thinking about, always pre Essentially stay ahead of the game, but thinking about how to beat a defense. … For me, as a university field marshal, I always enjoyed wanting to be close to that because you wanted to learn too … I remember that many days in his office we talked not only about talking about the offensive of Auburn, but about the offense in general . How you beat Cover 2, how you win quarters. Obviously, the game has changed drastically in the last 20, 25 years with lightning zones and different coverages, things like that, but I remember sitting around talking football. Simply talking about how to attack different defenses.

Not even what we were doing, just talking about football in general. Jimbo was always the one who made sure we knew exactly what to do and how to do it, what was expected, what we were thinking about each play. "

" You had to use the edit button many times with the staff we had, that's how it was. They could probably tell you to this day, no player who has ever trained has ever heard me curse them [Nix, a former offensive coordinator at Georgia Tech and Miami, is now a prep coach in Alabama].

More than anything, probably because of them. I would do much better when someone teaches and talks with me instead of criticizing me. Jimbo and I had a unique relationship with that because he knew it was not like that. a cusser and I did not respond to that much. So he adjusted his style a bit at that time. Just a little, not a lot … He may have cut the blasphemy, but he did not cut the screaming. I think he realized … Jimbo, there were moments and there is still a coach for me, when you drop a player with both hands and both feet. You have to do it. And then there are moments when you do not fall into them. Probably the most important thing is that expectations are always there. "

Fisher turned to LSU as coach of an offensive coordinator / quarterback under Nick Saban in 2000 after a one-year stint as coordinator in the University of Cincinnati In Baton Rouge, Fisher developed five NFL quarterbacks, not including Craig Nall (2000), who transferred, and Marcus Randall (2002-04), who moved defensively in the NFL, and helped turn a defunct program into a national champion in 2003. Here, Fisher's ability to successfully adapt game plans around his talent as a quarterback became evident nationally.

Josh Booty, LSU Field Marshal (1999-2000): "He knew what he could do and what he probably was not going to do. His offense is not a friendly quarterback offense. , I'm not a great runner anyway, I want to launch football. We use the tight tends a lot because that's where our strengths were, we had two good ones. He knew how to use the closed wings and help us because we were very weak in the receiver … he knew how to use the boys he had. "

" What makes him a great recruiter is also that he reads situations and correct people. He knows what you can or can not handle. He knows what depresses you, and then he knows how to handle you. I like to be trained. I remember there were many times when he screamed at me and I laughed because he got so mad that he would turn red because he was so angry. If what we did was wrong or not, he got so upset. Those are fun times now that I remember … He will not play any kind of soft kids or babies. "

Rohan Davey, LSU Field Marshal (1998-2001): " Knows that one of the most important things you should do as a quarterback coach is that your partner is comfortable. He is not going to call a play, he can not run.

And Jimbo had no ego when it came to "it's my game, make it work". If you did not want it, it's out of place because you're the one running. I ran into so many coaches who tried to hit you in the head with your philosophy. He would not do something that you can do. "I understand."

LSU beat No. 2 Tennessee 31-20 in the 2001 SEC Championship game, serving as a turning point for the Tigers program. It was also perhaps one of Fisher's best moments as a game caller.

Davey: "All that week, Tennessee had shown us a certain front on which he came back and alternated with a quarterback, he was only going five yards, Jimbo knew he was not He's not going to run 60 yards or [expletive] like that, so Matt Mauck was definitely a better runner, he's practiced the whole week and it works perfectly, he had never scored a touchdown in college [rushing]so I pushed for I used that play, but it was also a good play on the goal line in the front that they showed us in. In short, of course I got injured, Matt comes in. I'm in the hospital watching the play on TV, lying on the bed and I see the front before the play, I say "audible, Matt." As soon as I say "audible", he hears "He scored two touchdowns of that play in the championship game."

"When you have a coach who has played that knows, puts you in position to succeed, and that's exactly what he did with Matt Mauck." You can not ask Matt Mauck to lie down, read and react to the defenses. and throw the ball to the field below, read the safety rotations and the covers, did not ask him to do the things he could do because Jimbo knew my strength, I knew my strength was a deep and intermediate ball, he asked me to read defenses and I knew I was comfortable moving in my pocket, I knew Matt Mauck was more mobile so he used his skills and Tennessee was not prepared for the contraband option and kept rolling out of pocket, which is what we did … what we did when Matt came into the game he created many more protection problems, that was to use our ability, he ran a lot more, he implemented the reading option a bit more, those are the little nuances. players in the world, and they can be beautiful and look wonderful, and you can draw it and it can look wonderful … but if the timing of the call is not right … and Jimbo, with his timing of how he sets the plays and you It attracts, that's one of the things about him is his timely calling game. "

Fisher came to the FSU in 2007 as the coordinator and was badigned the task of changing the program in much the same way as he did in LSU. The Seminoles promoted Fisher as head coach in 2010 and won a national title in 2013. Along the way, Fisher's reputation for developing quarterbacks peaked. The closet was not empty, but it was far from full. Fisher quickly turned to a slightly recruited quarterback who was already on campus but buried in the depth chart, Christian Ponder, to help lead the recovery of FSU.

Christian Ponder, Field Marshal of the FSU (2006-10): "That first practice, after the first week of the spring ball with him, my dad sent me a article where someone had asked Coach Fisher who were the guys who stood out in practice and he really named me as a man who really stood out for him, going from not being sure to know who he was, even though it had been a third string at that time, it made me feel like he saw some skill in me … He even told me after I started my redshirt second year that he thought about starting me the year before, but he thought he would not be physically and mentally I've already seen the potential in me. "

"Previously, he made the game plan a bit more simplistic than in my last year, the game plans changed weekly depending on the opponents, but my first year I started running a lot more than the following years … It's been in the game for a long time and understands the position … you can put it in scenarios in practice that are a bit more difficult when you are shouting at it, and see how it responds, if you see that it does not respond well, he knows where you are. And if you respond well, you will understand that you can act in a game. "

Fisher inherited Ponder, who went on to be drafted in the first round of the 2011 NFL Draft. EJ Manuel – a top-level recruit from Virginia – was the first field marshal chosen by Fisher to take him to FSU.

EJ Manuel, FSU Field Marshal (2008-12): "The first time I interacted with him, he came to a Nike camp at Penn State in my junior year of high school He and [offensive line coach Rick] Trickett was there.

We were not allowed to talk to him, but he almost followed me throughout the camp and looked at me all day, which showed he was interested. I came to Bayside [High]I did not like it at that time, I liked him as a person, it was very easy to talk to him, he is a good recruiter, he makes you feel comfortable even if you do not come from the same origin. He had what you can identify … Knowing that Jimbo would teach me Jimbo had JaMarcus Russell and Matt Flynn, and that was current when he left high school, I thought if I could do it with those guys, I could do it with me. "

"I would really fall in love with you in a two-minute exercise, we did a lot of things at the end of the week during the practice, he expects greatness, he always said to work perfectly and in the meantime. the excellence ". Because nobody is perfect … but there is a method for their madness … I did not know it. I was surprised the first time I saw him go down to Reflect. That was the example I followed then. When it's you, it's different, but you have to develop a tough skin and know that it's just trying to help you. It looks like it's knocking you down, but it helps at the same time. "

Manuel was also chosen in the first round, coming in at No. 16 for the Buffalo Bills in 2013. His career had ups and downs in the field, but Manuel finally helped guide FSU to a record of 12-2, a major.He also paved the way for the next front-line recruit that FSU brought, Jameis Winston.Winston would become Fisher's most notable alumnus, winning the Trophy Heisman in 2013 and eventually becoming the No. 1 pick in the 2015 NFL Draft, Winston's off-field problems were as remarkable as his praise on the field, however, and Fisher firmly defended his quarterback throughout the field. For that reason, Fisher and Winston share a special relationship.

Jameis Winston, field marshal of the FSU (2012-14) *: "I mean, Coach Fisher, He puts me in my place. He puts me in my place … he does it in many ways. It's like a father. Sometimes a father has to hit you, sometimes a father has to yell at you, and sometimes a father has to face you. "

" Coach Fisher is like us. "I just have the same mentality, basically. I've been there, done that, but having someone with whom I can identify and someone with whom I can identify, that makes the coach and the quarterback position more genuine, that's how you have a successful team when the coach and the quarterback get along ".

* The quotes are from Winston's first year red shirt season in 2013.

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