College basketball podcast: Should Tennessee really be a team of the best five preseason?

Luke Maye announced early Thursday that he will retire from the NBA Draft. Then the superproductive striker will play another season for North Carolina. It is good, although not surprising, the news for the Tar Heels that should ensure that they are a team of the best 10 of the preseason. Currently I have them ranked ninth in CBS Sports Top 25 (and one) . So Matt Norlander and I opened this episode of the Eye on College Basketball podcast talking about that, and then we asked ourselves about the following: Will Maye be a first all-American pre-season team? And, if so, which players are likely to join him?

After that, the conversation goes like this:

  • 7:59: I have Tennessee in third place in the Top 25 (and one). This is receiving a lot of attention because, yes, it feels a bit high. In short, he suggests that I believe that a really good team that returns its top six scorers will go from very good to excellent. But, is UT really built for that? Or will Rick Barnes' team be really good again?
  • 20:37: No one thought that Donovan Mitchell, this time last year, would be an NBA star. That's why he was chosen 13th and not first or second. So I asked Norlander if there is a player currently screened out of the top eight of my last NBA Mock Draft who could become one of the three best players in the 2018 NBA Draft. He provided two names: a Big East player and an ACC player.
  • 24:40: The projected first round pick Lonnie Walker believes that "Earth is definitely an illusion". And Norlander (maybe) agrees with him! With all due respect, put me crazy for Cocoa Puffs. But, I admit, I've never seen "The Matrix".

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