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Cold weather, blizzard conditions and flooding in the Boston area after a cyclonic snow storm hits the northeast – latest news, live updates

The brutal cold conditions have triggered wind warnings from Virginia to Vermont, as the chilly temperature is expected to engulf the east coast most of this weekend. CBS News has confirmed that at least 22 people across the country have died from the recent explosion of winter weather and low temperatures.

A storm began a few days ago in the Gulf of Mexico and hit the Florida Panhandle for the first time. By Thursday, it was wreaking havoc as blizzard warnings and states of emergency went into effect along the east coast. Wind gusts hit more than 70 miles per hour in some places and some areas saw up to 18 inches of snow.

In the south, Tallahassee, Florida, saw snow and residents of southeast Georgia received a rare half foot of snow. In New England, strong winds brought coastal floods that reached historic levels in some communities with icy water overflowing docks, streets and restaurants and stranded some people who had to be rescued.

Continue with the updates below as the storm moves along the coast. All Oriental times unless otherwise indicated.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

10:49 am.: Elevated temperatures along the east coast

The intense cold that followed a massive snowfall on the east coast should begin to diminish as that temperatures rise and fall below zero next week, forecasters said.

Patrick Burke, a meteorologist at the National Meteorological Service Weather Prediction Center in College Park, Maryland, said Sunday morning temperatures could reach record lows from South Carolina to Maine. But he said that the wind will not be as punishment as it was on Friday and Saturday.

"With the wind declining, you will probably feel significantly better, although many of these areas will still be below the freezing point," Burke said.

High temperatures on Sunday afternoon should range from 20 to 20 degrees in the Philadelphia to Boston areas. It is expected that they will reach 30 and 40 years on Monday and Tuesday

Saturday, January 6, 2018

11:40 pm: Hundreds of dead fish are washed on the beaches of Florida [19659013] An unlikely sight in central Florida as hundreds of dead fish reached the coast due to the snap of cold weather, according to WKMG-TV affiliated with CBS.

Officials said most of the fish were thrown near New Smyrna Beach on Friday and a little more on Saturday.

9:55 pm: Look at the "Map of Misery" from FlightAware

CBS News take a look at the Misery Map provided by FlightAware. Current data range between 7 p.m. and 11 pm

According to FlightAware, there are a total of 392 flight delays and 21 cancellations in the United States

. New York City tops the list with 99 delays and four cancellations as of Saturday night.

Chicago is next with 48 delays and three cancellations, according to FlightAware.

8:30 pm.: The latest in cold temperatures

The extreme temperatures to begin the weekend throughout the Northeast affect Burlington, Vermont, minus 1 and a cold wind of minus 30. Both Philadelphia and New York were trembling at 8 degrees.

And in Hartford, Connecticut, a brutal cold of 10 degrees gave a thermal sensation of minus 20.

Boston, at a relatively warm temperature of 11 degrees, was arguing with a different kind of challenge: the shortage of plumbers as the weather wreaked havoc on pipelines that froze and went bankrupt, said Democratic Mayor Marty Walsh.

In New Jersey, many people stayed at home instead of dealing with single-digit temperatures. Others were cleaning up from the storm that dropped more than a foot of snow at some points earlier in the week.

"My car felt like a refrigerator this morning, even though it was hot at full blast," said Julie Williams. while drinking coffee at a Jackson Township convenience store. She was going to work in a local supermarket, and she hoped it was full.

"People think it's crazy before a storm happens, with everyone getting milk, bread, etc." she said, adding with a smile, "but it's even worse in the following days, because they do the same thing but they're a little crazy about cabin fever"

6 pm: JFK airport in New York struggles after the Storm [19659007] Travelers at John F. Kennedy Airport in New York City experience long delays after this week's winter storm. Some say they have been waiting to travel for more than 20 hours, reports CBS New York.

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which administers the airport, said it was working with airlines and the Federal Aviation Administration to limit flights to JFK on Saturday "until there are adequate doors to handle the accumulation of flights due to the recovery of flight schedules after Thursday's storm. "

5 pm: Police warn drivers to remove snow from cars

It's been days since a snowstorm stormed New England, but some drivers still have not removed snow and ice from their vehicles , reports CBS Boston. The Bridgewater Police Department shared a photo with at least one foot of snow on the roof and reminded drivers that officers issue $ 40 fines for these dangerous violations.

Police in Bedford, New Hampshire, said the windshield was broken due to a driver who did not remove snow and ice. A 17-year-old man was driving on the highway near Manchester when a piece of snow and ice flew from another driver's car and landed on his windshield.


Bridgewater Police / Twitter

"I'm sure that most of us have had some faults (at least) and that was enough to scare us, it's the law, friends!" The police said on Facebook. [19659015] 1:20 pm: New Jersey residents avoid the cold by staying indoors

Many residents of New Jersey chose to stay at home instead of dealing with single-digit temperatures. Others were cleaning up from the storm that dropped more than a foot of snow at some points earlier in the week.

"My car felt like a refrigerator this morning, even though it was hot at full blast," said Julie Williams. while drinking coffee at a Jackson Township convenience store. She was going to work in a local supermarket, and she hoped the store would be packed.

"People think it's crazy before a storm happens, with everyone getting milk, bread, etc." she said, adding with a smile, "but it's even worse in the following days, because they do the same thing but they're a little crazy about cabin fever."

In Rhode Island, hospitals were treating dozens of related storm storms as the region went through a deep freeze that followed a powerful blizzard.

In Providence and Newport, at least 40 people were treated for various weather-related conditions, from myocardial infarctions, snow blow or shovels, car accidents, frostbite, hypothermia and injuries, including slips and falls, according to The Providence Journal. The storm dropped more than 14 inches of snow in Providence.

10:44 a. M .: Feeling of wind near minus 100 degrees in Mount Washington

The conditions of the summit in Mount Washington were so brutally cold on Saturday morning the temperature on Earth, according to the Mount Washington Observatory.

The temperature hit minus 36 degrees Fahrenheit – with a thermal sensation of minus 90 degrees (minus 68 degrees Celsius), according to the educational and research institution of New Hampshire.

9:40 am: Temperatures in single digits

Temperatures were in the individual digits from Philadelphia to Boston on Saturday morning and are expected to fall closer to zero on Saturday night, with chills that make it feel like minus 10 degrees to minus 20 degrees.

In Burlington, Vermont, the temperature was minus one Saturday morning, with a wind chill of minus 30. It was 8 degrees in Philadelphia and New York, with chills ranging from minus 9 to minus 11. [19659015] 9 The National Weather Service said Friday that temperatures in the Berkshire mountains in western Massachusetts could appear to be freezing, minus 35 degrees, parts of New Hampshire and Maine could experience minus 45, and mountainous regions of Vermont could have temperatures of less than 35 degrees Fahrenheit. Feel at least 50 degrees.

The weather service issued cold wind warnings for several days this weekend for parts of Vermont, New York, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Maine and New Hampshire.

These places, however, have nothing in the White Mountains in New Hampshire. The Mount Washington Observatory, on its website, predicted that the highest peaks of the mountain could see chills of minus 100 degrees until Saturday.

Friday, January 5, 2018

9:10 pm: Cruise ships during the winter storm

CBS New York reports on a story about a family that returned on Friday after They called a nightmare aboard the Norwegian Breakaway.

For 21 members of the Ross family of Stony Brook, it was supposed to be the trip of a lifetime, sailing to the Bahamas for the 80th anniversary of their patriarch.

"I thought I would never be in a situation where I would say that this is the most terrifying moment of my life, it was the worst moment of my life," Karoline Ross told CBS New York.

Ross says his 4,000-passenger cruise ship entered the storm Tuesday night for two distressing days in 20 to 30 feet of ocean swells. Experienced sailors called it traumatic.

7:50 pm: Massachusetts couple rescued after flooding in the water

CBS Boston reports that residents of Winthrop, Massachusetts, spend another night in the cold as the storm ravages the neighborhoods. Winthrop Fire captain Scott Wiley said the crews responded to at least 150 calls in the last 24 hours for flooded basements, problems with smoke alarms and odors and heating problems.

They've been pumping basements 24 hours a day in neighborhoods like Pico Avenue, where Sean Driscoll's basement flooded and three cars were damaged. He managed to take his family to a hotel, but now he has no heating, electricity or water.

"I was a child during the snowstorm of 78 and this definitely was very similar," he said.

"If I did not leave the basement when I did it, when the water went through the electrical panel, I could have been electrocuted," Esposito said. "I'm lucky to have left before that."

He says that the rescue of buckets was a scary experience, but he was grateful for the uprising. "The only bad thing was that the metal blade was so slippery and snowy that it was difficult to stay stable," he said.

Lt. Governor Karyn Polito met with officials from the city of Winthrop to tour the hard-hit area and assess the damage. She expects some federal relief in case of disaster. "We will evaluate all the estimates and then determine what steps can be taken," said Polito.


A look at a rescue operation during the northeast snowstorm.

CBS Boston

7 p.m .: Baltimore schools close in flood, heating problems

Public schools closed in Baltimore on Friday, but it was not a snow day. Schools have been grappling with flood and heating problems attributed to decades of neglect and mismanagement. Outraged by the state of Frederick Douglass High School, teacher Kiragu Beauttah posted videos of flats and pipe bursting on Facebook, reports Erbol Barnett of CBS News.

"It was so cold here as now," Beauttah said in a video. "It flooded the first day and I moved to another class, then that class was flooded."

Since 2009, the school system has returned approximately $ 66 million in state funds for repairs. According to the Baltimore Sun, that's because the contracts did not comply with the regulations. But the schools told CBS News that it was "misleading" and said that specific requests for school heating systems, including one for Frederick Douglass High School, were deferred by the state.

A new practice derived from all this will be an early morning temperature control at each Baltimore school, closing decisions can be made individually and not at the district level.

6 p. m .: more than 50 cars destroyed in Massachusetts

CBS Boston reports that the parking lot at Gloucester High School in Massachusetts was an automobile graveyard thanks to the storm surge that buried dozens of vehicles at high tide on Thursday. The cars are now a total loss.

"I feel like crying, I do not have a car," Bonnie O & # 39; Lando told the station. People spent Friday trying to save everything they can. Chris Bowers and Kyra Limberakis plan to get married this April and their gift list should include a new car. Your vehicle was flooded to the ceiling.

"My family is from Louisiana so the floods are not foreign, but we never thought it would happen here," Bowers said.

City officials asked residents to park their cars in the lot while the parking ban was in effect.

"It's an unfortunate situation, we've never had a storm surge like this in the city, this parking lot was flooded, they can not be saved, they were all underwater and floating," said Gloucester Chief Administrator Jim Destino.

Limberakis said she is frustrated by the loss of her car. "We had no idea that there was no other place to park, this is where they told us to park and then they were flooded," he said.

Residents now expect their insurance will cover the cost as the storm covered their cars.


Frozen cars are shown in a parking lot.

CBS Boston

3:05 p.m .: The search for missing Maine clammer was launched

Maine authorities are looking for a clammer that disappeared during the snowstorm.

The man was reported missing around 11 p.m. Thursday. The US Coast Guard UU He says Paul Brenner's family, 35, said he left St. George at 5 p.m. Thursday to have lunch in Clark Island.

The Coast Guard says Brenner was reported in a 16-foot skiff that matches the description of an unmanned skiff found near Long Cove on Thursday night.

The Maine Marine Patrol and local authorities are searching the area for water, feet and air. St. George is a coastal area about 46 kilometers southeast of Augusta. The seas weigh approximately 3 feet and the water temperature is approximately 37 degrees.

2:12 pm: Increase death toll from winter blast

CBS News has confirmed that at least 22 people across the country have died from the recent winter blast The Barron County Sheriff's Department said On Wednesday the agents were re-inspecting an area where Joseph Moen was on the last day and the cold temperatures.

The deaths include a man from Wisconsin who disappeared last month and a worker from the state of Massachusetts.

seen and discovered his body. Chetek's man, 49, was missing on December 27. Authorities say that the initial cause of death appears to be exposure to cold, but other factors may also have contributed to his death.

Outside of Boston, in Arlington, Massachusetts, a worker from the state Water Resources Authority collapsed on a snow bank while shoveling snow and ice and died.

11:44 a.m .: Sledge of a girl killed in a truck; the snowplow kills the man

Authorities say that a girl hit by a truck while riding a sleigh and a 75-year-old man hit by a snowplow while cleaning the commercial parking lots died in Virginia after the storm of snow.

Police in Chesterfield County, a suburb of Richmond, Va., Say the girl was sledding down a driveway when she slid on a highway and was hit by the truck on Thursday. Police say in a statement that the driver stopped immediately and that the girl was taken to a hospital where she died of her injuries. The girl was not identified immediately.

In the Hampton metropolitan area of ​​southeastern Virginia, authorities told The Virginia-Pilot that a 75-year-old private contractor, Barry Hale, was run over shortly after noon on Thursday while cleaning snow from the parking lots in Buckroe. He died in a local hospital because of his injuries. A police statement says that the Virginia Department of Labor will conduct a follow-up investigation.

CBS News has confirmed that at least 19 people across the country have died from the explosion of the winter weather and the low temperatures that accompany them.

11:21 am: Helicopter images show storm damage

CBS Boston has sent a helicopter over the coastal communities of Massachusetts to inspect storm damage. You can see the images in the player above.

10:57 am: Cold temperatures close toilets at the Mississippi Capitol

The freezing weather causes water pipes to explode underground in the largest city in Mississippi.

The entire city of Jackson was placed under precautionary warning of boiling water on Thursday due to pressure issues.

Portable toilets were placed outside the state Capitol, where legislators meet. Some bathrooms in the four-story building were blocked because the toilets did not work.

Temperatures in Mississippi have been at or below the freezing point for several days.

10:37 am: Cancellations are expected to continue as carriers are regrouped [19659007] Late in the morning of Friday, nearly 1,200 domestic or international flights affecting the US have been canceled. UU., According to the FlightAware.com tracking website.

On Thursday almost 4,400 flights were canceled.

FlightAware expected cancellations to continue the morning at most northeastern airports when planes and crews are repositioned.

9:59 am: food delivery driver finds man who died frozen

Authorities say a 64-year-old man from Ohio whose body was found in the front porch of his house by a delivery driver of food froze to death.

The Akron Beacon Journal reports that the Summit County Medical Examiner's Office confirmed Thursday that Darnell Wilson of Akron died of hypothermia. [19659002] His body was found on Tuesday by a woman who delivered food for the Mobile Meals program. The high temperature in Akron reached only 14 degrees that day.

It is not clear how long Wilson was on the partially closed porch before his body was found.

CBS News has confirmed that at least 19 people across the country have died from the winter weather explosion and the accompanying cold temperatures.

9:28 am: The erosion of the Maine coast worries

The storm threw more than a foot of snow in parts of Maine, reports Jericka Duncan, correspondent for CBS News, from Saco, south of Portland

Along the coast, strong winds caused some of the worst flooding of the tides in four decades.

Over the past decade, Sean Walker has seen how an eroded coastline in Saco threatens homes.

"My childhood memories are erasing," said Walker.

On Thursday, he saw how the storm was hitting the area once more.

"What is going through your mind?" Duncan asked Walker.

"Cross your fingers," he said. "Really, cross your fingers and hope for the best".

9:05 am: Supermoon intensified record coastal flooding

The coastal flooding of storm in New England reached levels not seen since the 1978 blizzard, CBS News correspondent Don Dahler reports from Boston.

When the flood waters receded, the plunging temperatures turned to ice.

The record flood was caused by a disastrous combination of events. The storm hit during high tide, which intensified with Monday's supermoon .

"I had just come down, and it was like being waist-deep," said Jennifer Cametti of Marshfield, Massachusetts. "I could not go back."

The National Guard used water trucks and even a bucket loader to rescue families trapped in their homes.

"It was scary, and I wanted to leave," he said. Nicole Cametti "They came to the front door and they, as if I put on their shoulders and got into the car"

7:25 am: Main airports resuming operations

Flights suspended at the John F. Kennedy International Airport due to The massive snow storm on Thursday resumed on Friday. Flights were suspended at JFK due to strong winds and fog conditions.

Air traffic suspensions were lifted at LaGuardia airport, but authorities advise passengers to contact their airlines about specific flights.

FlightAware reports nearly 5,000 canceled flights across the United States. Those flights include more than two-thirds of the flights in and out of the New York and Boston airports.

6:45 a.m .: Progress vs. courts

Utility companies in the east reported that 21,000 homes and businesses had no electricity in the wake of the early Friday storm, up from almost 80,000 the previous day, as equipment was deployed to repair downed power lines and other problems, according to the Reuters news agency.

3:36 a.m .: Death toll increases [19659007] CBS News has confirmed 19 deaths from the big storm and chilling cold. Among them: several traffic accidents, a body found on the shore of Lake Winnebago in the county of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, a death attributed to the exhibition, and a man from Greenup County, Kentucky, who had no heating or electricity in the caravan. was found in.

2:45 a. m.: "Cold and cold things"

The Arctic explosion that will affect much of the east coast this weekend could make temperatures feel as low as minus-15 degrees from Philadelphia to Boston Friday and It shakes residents of states such as Maryland and Virginia by temperatures that range between 10 and 15 degrees.

"This is cold and cold," Brian Hurley, meteorologist at the National Meteorological Service Weather Prediction Center at Park University, Maryland, said Thursday.

Coastal areas in the Northeast, Hurley said, may experience single-digit numbness. The south will not be saved either. Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia can expect temperatures between 15 and 20 degrees, Hurley said. North Florida will be between 20 and 30 years old.

Sunday morning should bring the cooler temperatures from Portland, Maine, to Washington, DC "That's when you'll see challenged or broken records, with temperatures approaching zero in many places," Hurley said.

The more seasonal climate is expected to return at the beginning of next week with temperatures between 30 and 40, he said. For some, it will feel frankly balsamic.

Thursday, January 4

10:55 pm: FlightAware's Misery map shows count of flight delays, cancellations

CBS News registers with FlightAware's online Misery Map showing delays and cancellations of flights throughout the country.

Starting at 10:55 p. m. ET, here is the most recent information between 8 p.m. January 4 and 12, January 5:

  • New York : 7 delays // 69 cancellations
  • Washington, DC : 10 delays // 9 cancellations
  • Chicago : 37 delays // 5 cancellations
  • Florida : 16 delays // 7 cancellations
  • Atlanta : 24 delays // 1 cancellation
  • Denver : 19 delays // 1 cancellation
  • Los Angeles : 17 delays // 1 cancellation

9:45 pm: Last forecast of the CBS News meteorological producer

CBS News meteorological producer David Parkinson writes that the snow is made in New York and will wrap the Boston area in the next few hours. With the exception of Downeast Maine, heavy snowfall is made. The worst of the wind is also done. However, wind gusts will remain overnight as temperatures cool.

In terms of snow totals, these are the largest in each state / notable cities:

  • New Jersey : Brick Township in Ocean County was 18 "(Cape May was 17")
  • New York : Bohemia, Long Island 16.4 "(NYC will adjust just shy of 10")
  • Connecticut : Canton 15 "
  • Rhode Island : Pawtucket 16 "
  • Massachusetts : Dedham 19"
  • Boston Logan Airport : 13.2 "
    [19659155] New Hampshire
    : Seabrook 15"
  • Maine : Gorham 13.3 "

In the future, the temperature will continue to drop. The maximum in Boston on Saturday is in the low digits. It's 9 in New York. The low during the night is around 0 in New York and -10 in Boston on Sunday morning. In terms of chills, temperatures will not be above zero for 48 hours in New York. In Pittsburgh, it's closer to three days.

8:10 pm: Flights to resume at LaGuardia and JFK

JFK airport in New York tweeted on Wednesday that flights are scheduled to resume at 7 a.m. ET on Friday, January 5th.

The airport urges customers to check with their specific aircraft for more details.

Previously, JFK suspended flights on Thursday due to strong winds and snow.

LaGuardia Airport tweeted on Wednesday night that flight suspensions have been lifted.

6:40 pm: The storm ravages property in Maine

Wind gusts that freeze bones up to 50 mph It made it difficult for residents to get around Portland, Maine, by car and on foot.

Twenty miles south of Portland, on Ferry Beach, the storm swallowed the foundations, reports Jericka Duncan, correspondent for CBS News. Resident Sean Walker was one of the many who saw the memories of his childhood disappear.

Emergency management officials prepare for a very long night.

6:30 pm: Snowplow struggling to keep up with storm conditions

Snow fell heavily in downtown Boston, and the winds blew with such force that the plows could not stand the storm, informs Don Dahler, correspondent of CBS News.

In Brant Rock, strong winds sent cold waters falling on the sea walls and streets. About 25 kilometers away, the cars were swept away by the rising tide.

Further up the coast, in Scituate, the wind and waves turned the ice into projectiles. Village manager Jim Boudreau described the weather conditions as "wild."

And in New York, the storm was so fierce that 1,500 snowplows had trouble keeping streets and highways clean.

6 pm: South Carolina man killed in icy roads accident

A man driving a van home from work on a South Carolina interstate highway went off the road, hit some trees and

Arther Cumbie Jr. is the first death related to the state's storm because of the ice and snow on Wednesday.

Kershaw County coroner David West says Cumbie was driving at speed or below the limit on Wednesday afternoon when his truck left Interstate 20. He says witnesses tell investigators that Cumbie's truck started to slide on ice and snow and lost control.

West says that Cumbie was wearing a seatbelt, but died of head injuries.

The big storm roared on the east coast on Thursday, shedding as much as 18 inches of snow from the Carolinas to Maine and unleashing winds with hurricane force.

5:23 pm: More than 100K left without power

More than 100,000 customers lost power in the winter storm that covered the east coast with heavy snow and hurricane winds.

In the New England states, Massachusetts was hit with more than 22,000 interruptions on Thursday afternoon. Dispersed power outages were reported in New Hampshire and Rhode Island. Maine reported 4,400 interruptions.

About 6,300 customers lost power on Long Island on Thursday afternoon, but the crews quickly restored more than 2,000 early Thursday afternoon.

Virginia had a peak of 45,000 interruptions, with approximately half restored from early on Thursday afternoon. The Carolinas experienced about 30,000 interruptions at its peak on Wednesday.

Meteorologists expect the storm to be followed immediately by a blast of cold air that could break records in more than two dozen cities this weekend.

5:05 pm: Several major airports close early due to winter weather

Airlines have canceled 4,020 flights across the country due to the blizzard on the east coast, reports Kris Van Cleave, CBS News transport correspondent .

has closed several major airports, including John F. Kennedy International Airport until 8 p.m. m., LaGuardia airport until 6 p.m. m. and Logan International Airport until 5:30 p.m., according to Van Cleave. The Baltimore-Washington International Airport and the Philadelphia International Airport remain open, but do not accept detours at this time. The Newark Liberty International Airport has an open runway; however, the flights have not been able to land due to the side wind and the poor conditions for the landing.

In total, 103 detours have occurred from the East Coast airports.

Van Cleave reports that 614 flights remain canceled on Friday.

3:59 pm: Passenger killed when a car on a snowy hill hits the train

Authorities say one person died after the car in which they were traveling could not stop at the bottom of a steep hill covered with snow and crashed into a commuter train on his way to Philadelphia.

Police say the driver of the car was able to escape before the crash on Thursday morning in Lower Moreland, but the passenger stayed inside when the vehicle crashed into a door at the railroad crossing. That person was later found by the police along the tracks.

A spokeswoman for the Southeast Pennsylvania Transportation Authority says none of the passengers aboard the West Trenton train line was injured. The train was about 20 miles north of downtown Philadelphia.

It happened when the winter storm was dragging snow, forming ice on the roads and wreaking havoc on traffic in the region.

CBS News has confirmed that at least 13 people across the country have died due to the explosion of the winter weather and the low temperatures that accompany them.

3:12 p.m.: Storm causes more than 3K flight cancellations

As of Thursday afternoon, more than 3,600 flights have been canceled in the US. UU., According to the FlightAware.com tracking website.

Amid the chaos of the massive snowstorm hitting the east coast, several international flights to New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport, which closed in the morning, were diverted to Washington Dulles International Airport, CBS News correspondent Kris Van Cleave informs. (The other New York airport, LaGuardia, was also closed.)

In New Jersey, Newark Liberty International Airport was the most affected by the storm. More than 930 flights, or 71 percent of the airport's traffic, were canceled.

By Friday, more than 310 flights have already been canceled in the US. UU

3:01 p.m .: Boston mayor holding storm press conference

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh will hold a press conference about the snowstorm. You can see it in the player above.

1:55 p.m .: Governor of New York with press conference on storms

The Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, will hold a press conference on the snowstorm. You can see it in the player above.

1:45 p.m .: Floods hit coastal city outside Boston

Seawater with chunks of ice has flooded an area just outside of Boston.

Kathryn Burcham, a WFXT-TV reporter, posted a video on Twitter that shows flooding in Winthrop, which is just outside of the Massachusetts capital.

The buoys swayed over the flood waters, which reached the wells of the wheels of a fire truck.

1 pm: Storm Shelter Panthers-Bruins hockey game

The game Home Boston Bruins against the Florida Panthers has been postponed due to the blizzard hitting New England.

The Boston area could get up to 18 inches of snow, as well as strong winds that could cause power outages from Thursday's storm.

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