Cohen: ‘I guarantee it won’t be good to set up a Woodward interview

President TrumpDonald John TrumpCoin: ‘I guarantee it’s not going to go well’ Pompeo, who founded the Woodward interview, says ‘enough chance’ Navalny’s poison was ordered by senior Russian official Trump, he says He will almost certainly read the ‘Woodward Book’.Former lawyer Michael cohenMichael Dean CohenSouth African Government Accuses Trump After Cohen Book He Insults Mandela Releases Michael Cohen’s Book in Bestseller List Michael Cohen Suggests Jerry Falwell’s Trump Endorsement to Hide Prim Photos Side ‘. Predicted “it’s not going well” for the man setting up an interview with President and journalist Bob Woodward.

“I guarantee it won’t be good for anyone,” Cohen told CNN. Don lemonDon Carlton Lemonratt Lieutenant General: Military members are ‘furious’ with Trump over alleged remarks on fallen soldiers. Democrats demand balance in protests, condemning violence Victor Davis Hanson: Coward of ‘canceled culture’ Wednesday night, saying that he had “heard through the grapes” Trump’s son-in-law Jared KushnerJordan Corey Kushnerus Broker for Economic Success Serbia, Kosovo Carly Klaus, Kushner relative, Melania Trump used personal email account at White House to appear at Biden campaign event, while ex-friends say Included.

Cohen suggested to Lemmon that Trump was over-confident in his interviews, stating, “Donald Trump is the smartest person at any table at which he sits, just ask him.”

Cohen also reiterated his accusations that he had heard the president privately repeatedly making racist remarks, “Everybody is telling you that the man is racist … I just don’t get it.”

However, Lemon continued to work for the president despite those allegations. Cohen stressed that he had tried to hold the president on racial issues by helping to form a “National Diversity Coalition”, “My hope is that he will indeed rise to the level of being president of all people.”

Cohen, who pleaded guilty to campaign finance fraud in 2018, made the remarks on the same day that audio recordings of Woodward’s interview with the president were published by news outlets.

In an interview in March, the president told Woodward that he was deliberately reducing the risk of coronovirus to avoid panic. However, in February, he said that the Woodward virus was “lethal stuff” and far more dangerous than the flu as he had repeatedly done both publicly.


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