‘Cobra Kai’ star Tanner Buchanan is the ‘Super Fan’ of a resurrected animated event

Tanner Buchanan is currently in the role of Robbie Keane Cobra moss, Which is now available for streaming on Netflix. The show comes more than three decades later when Lusso encounters the famously deadly rival, Johnny Lawrence. Karate kid

Tenor Buchanan | Amanda Edwards / Getty Images

The show pays tribute to the original franchise – Mr. The return with Tyagi and the return of John Kresz’s infamous Cobra Kai Dojo. Around this time, LaRusso and Lawrence are the new instructors. His students go head-to-head in adolescent drama, love triangles, betrayals, visions of life, and more.

Tanner Buchanan plays one of the show’s main characters, and he is one of several actors responsible for the resurgence in fascination with the original franchise. Buchanan is also the “Super Fan” of an animated series that has been gaining renewed attention as of late … for Netweeks.

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Tenor Buchanan is a big fan of ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’

Cobra moss The cast sat down for Comic-Con for an interview with Entertainment Weekly, during which each member took some time to reveal the shows they had always loved. When asked what “super fan,” Buchanan replied:

I’d probably say … I saw someone walking around, and they saw a Avatar The Last Airbender To mark I’d probably say there’s a TV show I’m really super crazy … heard that there’s probably a live-action that’s coming out, so I’m really excited about it. And, now I’m talking too much … so excited

Via Tanner Buchanan Entertainment Weekly

Tanner Buchanan loved the original Avatar The Last Airbender The series, which dealt with mature themes and life-or-death situations during the children’s performance. The original series was a resounding win, and Netflix exposure has brought fans old and new back to the series. As their fellow actors, they love a handful of other films and shows.

The cast of ‘Cobra Kai’ includes fans of all different movies and shows.

The rest of the cast also got to talk about their favorite films and shows. Mary Mauser (who plays Samatha Larso) told that she used to walk around with sharp things and convince people that she was a vampire in order to escape the sun because she was a chief Twilight fan.

Xolo Maridueña (who portrays Miguel Diaz) explained that he loves Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, This is an “it’s not old” response from Ralph Massio before noting that it is “old”. They also mentioned Brooklyn Nine-Nine As a current favorite.

William Zabka (Johnny Lawrence) explained curb Your Enthusiasm Is one of her favorites, and she also really likes Barry Maccio noted how “great” Barry is.

Martin Cove (Cressey) loves The Outlander, Explaining that he considers time for “all of us” travelers. In short, the show is filled with various actors – with various favorite shows and born into different generations – all coming together to work together on a successful follow-up to the original Karate kid Franchise.